May 15, 2021

URI Students Named to the Fall 2020 Dean's List


The University of Rhode Island is pleased to announce the Fall 2020 Dean's List. The students represent nearly all of Rhode Island's cities and towns, all six New England states, New York and New Jersey, and many other states and countries. The following local students were named to Dean's List:

Price Alexander of East Providence (02914)
Faith Allen of East Providence (02914)
Francisco Allen of Riverside (02915)
Lucas Alvernaz of East Providence (02914)
Carol Araujo of E Providence (02914)
Kate Atwell of East Providence (02914)
Ingrid Avendano of Riverside (02915)
Alyssa Avila of East Providence (02914)
Freya Badger of E Providence (02914)
Hasna Badji of East Providence (02914)
Kylie Bahry of Riverside (02915)
Cassius Benziger of East Providence (02914)
Kristine Bolarinho of E Providence (02914)
Kevin Botelho of East Providence (02914)
Paige Chakouian of East Providence (02914)
Julianna Cherry of East Providence (02914)
Grace Cipriano of Rumford (02916)
Cole Coffey of Rumford (02916)
Clay Cook of Riverside (02915)
Brynne Costa of East Providence (02914)
Orion Cross of Riverside (02915)
Mircia Da Cruz of East Providence (02914)
Bruno DaCosta of East Providence (02914)
Isis DaLuz Barbosa of East Providence (02914)
Desiree Delande of East Providence (02914)
Sarah DelBonis of Riverside (02915)
Seth DiMaria of Riverside (02915)
Max DiMonte of Riverside (02915)
Darien Dinaro of East Providence (02914)
Bella DiSanto of East Providence (02914)
Kerri Dolby of Riverside (02915)
Zoe Dowgiala of Rumford (02916)
Sarah Downes of East Providence (02914)
Kiara Duarte of East Providence (02914)
Ryan Ellinwood of Rumford (02916)
Kaleigh Esposito-Russell of Rumford (02916)
Haley Fanara of Riverside (02915)
Zach Fanara of Riverside (02915)
Jordan Farnsworth of Riverside (02915)
Christopher Faxas-Cruz of East Providence (02914)
Christina Fernandes of East Providence (02914)
Emily Fournier of Riverside (02915)
Jarod Garcia of Rumford (02916)
Michael Glacken of East Providence (02914)
Angel Gomes of East Providence (02914)
Hailey Hannon of Riverside (02915)
Meagan Heatherton of Rumford (02916)
Liam Hegarty of Riverside (02915)
Ashanti Jackson of Riverside (02915)
Mohamad Jamal Aldine of East Providence (02914)
Matthew Jones of Rumford (02916)
Jace Kassed of E Providence (02914)
Trey Kassed of East Providence (02914)
Christopher Kinder of Riverside (02915)
Andrew Komiega of Riverside (02915)
Sean Komiega of Riverside (02915)
Allyson Lacerda of Riverside (02915)
Erin Lamarre of East Providence (02915)
Kerri Lamarre of East Providence (02915)
Jesse Langello of East Providence (02914)
Anna Li of Riverside (02915)
Jia Ying Lin of Riverside (02915)
Christy Long of E Providence (02914)
Eric Long of E Providence (02914)
Isabel Lopes of East Providence (02914)
Jenna Lopes of Riverside (02915)
Nick Mackevich of RUMFORD (02916)
Faith Marchetti of Riverside (02915)
Danielle Martins of Riverside (02915)
Kathryn Mcgee of Rumford (02916)
Shelby Mello of Riverside (02915)
Ashlyn Messier of Riverside (02915)
Paige Messier of Riverside (02915)
Tony Miller of Rumford (02916)
Sara Moakler of East Providence (02915)
Morgan Monteiro of East Providence (02914)
Alexander Newton of Riverside (02915)
Nghia Nguyen of East Providence (02914)
Hope O'Brien of Riverside (02915)
Jacqueline Osei of Rumford (02916)
Kimberly Perkins of East Providence (02914)
Rodrigo Pimentel of Riverside (02915)
Em Raphael of E Providence (02914)
Jasmine Reis of E Providence (02914)
Mason Reis of E Providence (02914)
Emma Richelsoph of East Providence (02914)
William Rider of Rumford (02916)
Alex Rodriguez of E Providence (02914)
Cassandra Santiago of Riverside (02915)
Janaija Santos of East Providence (02914)
Aaron Schneidereit of East Providence (02914)
Sydnee Shorter of Riverside (02915)
Aaron Soares of Rumford (02916)
Olivia Soares of Rumford (02916)
Nate Souza of Riverside (02915)
Jamien Strickland of East Providence (02914)
Kathryn Sullivan of Riverside (02915)
Rose Teixeira of Rumford (02916)
Sheikh-Sedat Touray of east providence (02914)
Rebekah Vecchiarelli of Riverside (02915)
Julia Vieira of East Providence (02914)
Kenneth Vieira of Riverside (02915)
Chun Wen of Rumford (02916)
Stevie-Rae Wood of East Providence (02914)
Amy Yang of East Providence (02914)
Matt Zucconi of East Providence (02916)

To be included on the Dean's List, full-time students must have completed 12 or more credits for letter grades during a semester and achieved at least a 3.30 quality point average. Part-time students qualify with the accumulation of 12 or more credits for letter grades earning at least a 3.30 quality point average.

As a public Land Grant University in a highly competitive region in the United States, URI carefully monitors and manages its tuition and fee rates to remain one of the most affordable universities in the Northeast for both in-state and out-of-state students. An estimated 90% of undergraduate students receive annual financial aid and institutional support

The University's total fall 2020 enrollment of 17,649 students comprises 15,393 full- and part-time undergraduate students, including 748 pharmacy six-year professional practice, and 2,256 full- and part-time graduate students. About 52% of the total student body is from Rhode Island and 48% are from out of state or foreign countries. The student body includes students from 48 U.S. states and territories, and 67 nations.

The University of Rhode Island's pioneering research in ocean, environmental and health sciences extends the University's influence well beyond its coastal borders, while its interdisciplinary courses provide students with uniquel opportunities and experiences,

Over the last ten years, the University has completed more than $710 million in capital projects, including new construction, and renovation and rehabilitation of existing buildings across its four campuses. The University's campus locations, include the main campus, located on 1,248 acres in rural Kingston, the Graduate School of Oceanography, located on 165 acres on Narragansett Bay, the W. Alton Jones Campus in West Greenwich, a 1,200-acre nature preserve, the Alan Shawn Feinstein College of Education and Professional Studies and the Rhode Island Nursing Education Center, both in the capital city of Providence, RI.


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