July 13, 2024

Silver Spring Elementary School and East Providence Prevention Coalition Work Together to Plant the Promise


East Providence Prevention Coalition celebrated Red Ribbon Week in October at Silver Spring Elementary and was happily reminded in May of autumn promises made with beautiful springtime tulip blooms.

East Providence, RI – Red Ribbon Week is an important event that takes place every year in schools, communities and neighborhoods across the globe. It is about more than teaching children the dangers of drugs. It’s about coming together. It’s estimated that nearly 80 million people participate in Red Ribbon Week each year. Individuals and groups participate in various Red Ribbon Week activities and events to raise awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and to promote drug-free lifestyles. These activities may include wearing red ribbons, organizing educational programs and events, participating in community service projects, and more. It is meant to demonstrate the importance of making healthy choices and smart decisions throughout life – showing children and teens everywhere that they can achieve their goals by remaining drug-free. Drug-free Red Ribbon Week is celebrated each year October 23rd through 31st and is recognized by schools, communities, and organizations across the country. While Red Ribbon Month is celebrated in some communities, it is typically observed during the last week of October which holds the title of the official Red Ribbon Week.

Last October, The East Providence Prevention Coalition (EPPC) visited many EP elementary schools, both middle schools and the high school to promote healthy lifestyle choices, but one elementary school wanted to do something special. Silver Spring Elementary School Principal, Allison Amodie, responded to EPPC’s email with great enthusiasm to bring wellness into her school and encourage healthy choices without hesitation! The 4th and 5th graders drew positive messages in chalk at the entrance way and “Planted the Promise.” Each student made a personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle choice and planted a tulip bulb in the shape of a ribbon pattern at the main entrance to the school. If they kept that promise through the winter months and stayed true to themselves, the hope was that a beautiful, flowered red ribbon would bloom in the spring!

Well, just a short while ago, that’s exactly what happened! To the joy and excitement of the students and staff, they watched as their promises bloomed into gorgeous red tulips and took the shape of a huge red ribbon!

In the spirit of Red Ribbon Week, the students made healthy choices and smart decisions and achieved their goals! You can tell from their smiling faces that this was something they were proud of and everyone is proud of them. Great work, Silver Spring!

About the East Providence Prevention Coalition:
The East Providence Prevention Coalition (EPPC) recently earned national recognition as the 2023 Coalition of the Year through the Office of National Drug Control Policy-funded Blue Ribbon Coalition Initiative, marking a significant milestone in the coalition’s more than three decades of dedicated service to its community. Established in 1987 in response to the Rhode Island Substance Abuse Prevention Act, the EPPC has tirelessly worked towards its mission of promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing substance misuse, with a particular emphasis on the mental health wellness promotion of all the city’s residents.


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