February 27, 2021

Letter to the editor: Push for Eminent Domain Needs to Slow Down


I am quite concerned with the haste this city council is in to try to take the Metacomet property away from its current owners. I can appreciate the passion of those wanting to keep things as is but this situation calls for more discussion. Eminent domain is a harsh way to accomplish a goal; that is why historically it is used for things that provide a full benefit to the public like highways. To use eminent domain to keep Metacomet a golf course is wrong. A golf course only benefits those who golf. If the city is serious about using eminent domain to take the property it should be for a use that all Townies can participate in. Keeping it a public course is irresponsible as we already have a public course a mile south. Before the council spends a dime of taxpayer money I believe they should first let the comprehensive plan be completed. They can use that process to better gauge what ALL Townies believe should be done with Metacomet. I don't believe the narrative that the public has spoken and they want to buy a golf course. I urge the city council to let the comprehensive plan process play out before moving forward with eminent domain.

Rick Lawson


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