February 25, 2021

City endures emergency curfew Tuesday. 9pm to 5am curfew “incident free.”

Mayor names Community Advisory Board; names Municipal Integrity Officer


East Providence Police Chief William Nebus has reported that the city lived through its first ever curfew in recent memory with "no incidents." Mayor Bob DaSilva and Chief Nebus announced a citywide curfew on Tuesday night June 2nd starting at 9 pm and lasting until Wednesday morning. "We are very pleased to report there were no incidents last night related to the recent unrest that has been taking place. Thank you to our community for their vigilance, cooperation and most importantly, your support. We aren't much without that. We continue to closely monitor the happenings around us and remain in a heightened state of readiness," said Chief Nebus on Wednesday morning.

The curfew was announced late Tuesday afternoon after the police had received reports and rumors of potential trouble within the city. “Due to information received for the potential of increased criminal activity in East Providence, Mayor DaSilva, in consultation with the police department, has enacted a curfew within the City of East Providence this evening between the hours of 9PM - 5AM. Please see the order for further details.

Please know, the East Providence Police Department stands ready to protect our community from those who may seek to do it harm. We have many additional officers working this evening. Please do not hesitate to call us to report any suspicious or criminal activity,” said a police department press release.

The city council was conducting its June 2nd meeting via “zoom” on the internet and was informed of the curfew by the Mayor toward the end of the meeting. “Let’s finish the meeting, we have two items left, and let’s quickly adjourn. Stay safe everyone,” said council president Bob Britto. At the conclusion of the meeting Britto asked for a moment of silence and consideration for all involved in the situation at hand.


Mayor creates Community Advisory Board; Names Municipal Integrity Officer:


In an effort to bring varying racial and ethnic backgrounds with differing views together, Mayor Bob DaSilva has created the Mayor’s Community Advisory Board.

The board was created to promote communication between communities within the city and the administration, to reduce systemic racism and bigotry and to promote the values of diversity and inclusivity within the city.

“The creation of this group will help to further the dialogue between the various racial and ethnic groups of our city,” Mayor DaSilva said. “East Providence is a diverse community, and this board will allow our various communities to express their concerns, offer suggestions and create meaningful conversations with each other and the administration.”

The board, which will meet on a monthly basis, will include 15 East Providence residents from a diverse background within the community.

Mayor DaSilva has also named East Providence Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Officer Elmer Pina, as the City’s new municipal integrity officer. In his role as MIO, Pina will be a point of contact for any complaints from city residents of social injustice, systemic racism within the community and any other complaints regarding city operations.

The MIO will be tasked with the intake and investigation of complaints from those in the community who feel they have been mistreated and will serve as a liaison in connecting members of the community with state and/or federal organizations who may further address any issues.

“I am extremely excited to be appointed by Mayor DaSilva as the Municipal Integrity Officer for the City of East Providence,” Pina said. “During these challenging and unprecedented times, the City of East Providence has continued to rise and be a leader in the state. “I look forward to assisting and addressing issues of inequality,” Pina added. Residents who are interested in joining the Community Advisory Board should contact Elmer Pina at epina@eastprovidenceri.gov or apply here: https://onboard.eastprovidence.com/apply/


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