October 24, 2020

Townie Grad Rallies Citizens for Peace

My Race is the Human Race - Paul Morse

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Paul Morse has seen and heard enough. He is genuinely upset at the racial divide in the United States and has decided to try and help from the vantage point of one man. He is upset at the loss of police life and violence against all people. “Whatever side of the race fence you’re on I think there's one thing that we all can agree on,” said Morse. “Things need to change. I've come up with an idea, let the change begin with us. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it lets ‪#‎BETHECHANGE‬.” Morse is said to have some 3000 friends on Facebook, a very diverse group which has members from nearly every state in the Country. So he has reached out on Facebook to start a movement of mutual admiration for police and everyone in the community. “If we all stand together we can make a huge difference in the world. Today I am starting the #BETHECHANGE 30 day challenge. For the next 30 days I want all of us to do one kind thing a day for our fellow man, regardless of race, gender sexuality religion, etc. One small act of kindness even as small as holding the door for someone. Let’s make our own destiny, let's make our own change #BETHECHANGE.”

Morse began his crusade by offering a gesture of good will to the East Providence Police Department. “I dropped off some pizzas and cold drinks to the men and women of the East Providence Police. In these trying times it’s important that they know that not everyone is against them or what they stand for,” said Morse. Morse visited the police department on July 19th.

“Tonight my longtime friend Paul Morse decided to buy dinner for the entire 4 to 12 shift. His message was simple, time for the police and community to work together. He made a pledge to do something nice every day for the next 30 days. He is encouraging everyone to do the same,” wrote EP Detective Mike Spremulli. Spremulli and others in the department have been receiving offers of support from the community ever since.

Television news and people from throughout social media have chronicled Paul Morse’s message of good will. “Seeing what local man Paul Morse did inspired me to go out and do some good today. I'm going to take a little page out of his book and spend $100 on cheeseburgers and fries and hand them out to some of the regular homeless people around my area and I'll drop the rest in Providence right by CrossRoads RI,” writes Rich Schiappa.

East Providence councilwoman Tracy Capobianco wrote that “This is Fantastic! Your idea for ‪#‎BETHECHANGE‬ is awesome; I accept your challenge of doing something nice for someone for 30 days. I hope all my friends on FB join in and post their kind gestures,” said Capobianco.

Susan Gillooly Tavares wrote that she wants “…to give a shout out to Ted's Flooring Network for helping a 12-year-old in need of a bedroom makeover. I made the call to Ted Lanois to help out with this project and he showed up and carpeted a young boys room free of charge. Today will be day 2 of this project with furniture being donated, along with a new tv, video gaming system, new bedding, along with decor. Thank you to all of my awesome family who got involved! This is part of ‪#‎BETHECHANGE‬ kindness movement. Looks like you've started something here Paul Morse!”

“The response has been amazing, which tells me that something like this was needed, people want a better world for their families and loved ones,” added Morse. “I've never been one to follow trends, I set them. Recently when a Mass. State trooper pulled alongside my work truck at a red light, I hit my air horn to get his attention, when he looked up, I saluted him and mouthed the words "Thank you". He acknowledged me with a thumbs up and a thank you back. We waved, he went straight while I turned and from that small gesture of kindness both of our days got better,” recalled Morse.

Morse doesn’t want people to spend lots of money in this effort. “To be clear you don't have to spend money. It can be any kind gesture that you and I might call common courtesy. Unfortunately common courtesy isn't that common these days and that's what we're trying to change,” he said.

Paul Morse graduated from East Providence High School in 1988. He is a CDL truck driver for Valley Green and also is a national champion powerlifter. Morse is also an accomplished artist and a member of the New York Graffiti Hall of fame. Morse will be lending his talents to the new KRob skate park in East Providence. He is one Townie who is doing his part to improve racial relations, one day at a time, one smile to another and maybe with a slice of pizza.


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