April 20, 2018

A New Town Complex


How long is this overdue! A bit of history. The only new municipal building in modern times built in Rehoboth is the Council On Aging which is going to be paid for in April 2017 and your taxes will be reduced to their previous assessment because it was paid by debt exclusion, which if the town complex is approved it will be by debt exclusion and our taxes will be reduced when it is paid for.

Thanks to living in a conservative town the new town complex has been designed with functionality and cost awareness along with a pleasing architectural appearance.

The existing town office, previously a U S Nike Sight built under substandard federal building codes, was sold to the town of Rehoboth for $ 5,900.00 in 1971. A building that has been in use for over 60 years and has never been improved or expanded. And by the way the employees have not been able to drink the water there for over 30 years!

The police, fire and rescue building was built in 1971. This building has also never been improved or expanded! Both buildings are in serious disrepair. The one caveat we have is our town fathers had the foresight to purchase 10.6 acres when this building was built. So thankfully for that we have ample space for a new and renovated complex. The proposed complex including renovation and expansion will occupy less than 1.5 acres of the 10.6. As one can see there is more than ample land at that sight.

The assessment for the project is expected to be between $40 and $50 per $100,000 assessed value of your property. With a figure of $45 a property valued at $300,000 would pay an increase of $135 per year in taxes. This is .37 cents a day. Also monies from solar farms and from the sale of town properties will be used to pay for this project.

This is a list of municipal projects recently approved by towns that are close to our population: Dighton pop.7,086- police station only, $5.2 M , Swansea pop. 15,865 police station only, $4.65 M , Westport pop. 15,532 police station only $8 M , Dudley pop. 11,390 fire station only $8.9 M , Norfolk pop 11,257 police & fire $9.9M As you can see, Rehoboth's complex which includes renovations and additions of our Police, Fire, Rescue and a new Town office at a cost of $9.5 M , that's right $9.5 Million. And this project will be by debt exclusion which means it comes off of your taxes when it is paid for.

This proposal is the most complete and with the best foresight I have seen in 45 years. So I would ask you to please vote to approve our new Town complex on Monday April 3. This is way overdue and it will indeed make us proud of our Rehoboth.

And by the way I would like to thank our town employees and all of the volunteers, for their time and efforts through the years to make Rehoboth a special place to call home.

Also thanks to Ted Rowse and the building committee which consists of department heads and our Chiefs for there expertise and efforts for a job well done.

Jay Crandall, Rehoboth


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