February 23, 2020

Why I should be Re-elected !!

Posted by TROSE426

I understand East Providence. I am a father, a brother, a son, a small businessman, a neighbor, a mentor, a citizen and a customer. I am like every person in this city. I am always ready to listen to differing and new perspectives. I work on every issue with a sense of fairness and desire to do what is in the best interest of the entire city of East Providence. I put on all of the different hats of our citizens in order to think through creative solutions. Then, I respond and act on behalf of Ward 3. I try to understand each citizen’s personal needs and views. Over this past term, I helped hundreds of constituents solve individual problems throughout the city. Sometimes, it required extra effort and finesse to clean up empty lots or make sure streets were plowed. But, I truly understand and appreciate that I am elected by YOU to ensure that your daily interactions with the city make your life easier, not harder.

Finally, I should be reelected because there is plenty more work to be done. I am the right person to continue working hard for East Providence. It has been a busy term. I will continue to work on streamlining the city approval and permitting processes. We can do this by creating a “one-stop” shop for business interests looking to relocate or expand to East Providence. By doing so, we will provide a sense of assurance to business interests. Where we can, we should avoid permit approvals that add extra unnecessary months to the permit process costing the new business time and money.

We are all struggling with the current economic situation, wondering how we are going to put food on our tables, afford our energy costs and improve education so that our children will see a better future. I should be elected because I plan to work hard each day, listening to you and acting on creative thoughtful solutions to make all of our lives easier, and our futures brighter.

Thank You Thomas A Rose


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Wow, lot's of "I's"!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Think through creative solutions? You had absolutely nothing to do with streamlining the permitting process!

Potholes and parades are not SOLUTIONS to our budget problems.And... if you want to start cleaning up vacant lots why not start by doing something with the vacant lot RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM CITY HALL IN THE CENTER OF DOWNTOWN that your family OWNS! Hey maybe you can turn it into a tow lot! Thats economic development right?,

No Tommy, you DO NOT deserve to be re-elected.

As as all the I's goes, congratulations at least you spelled it right. That must have been a tremendous challenge!

Friday, September 28, 2012

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