January 17, 2021

St. Mary Academy – Bay View Releases First Quarter Honor Roll


Riverside, Rhode Island - St. Mary Academy – Bay View, a leader in all-girls education since 1874, is proud to announce its 2020–21 First Quarter Honor Roll.

East Providence
Ava Sahin, Grade 6, Honors
Melissa Keller, Grade 8, Highest Honors
Jayli Sivels, Grade 9, Honors
Amirah Woodruff, Grade 10, Honors
Orla Feld, Grade 11, Honors
Ava Troino, Grade 11, Honors
Gabriela Valotto, Grade 11, Honors
Alyssa Martinez, Grade 12, Honors

Veronica Nelson, Grade 9, Honors
Julia Perreault, Grade 9, Honors
Yamlin Thapa, Grade 9, Honors
Claire Topper, Grade 9, Honors
Isabella Waycott, Grade 9, Honors
Lindsey Williams, Grade 10, Highest Honors
Sophia Mutti, Grade 11, Honors
Kathryn Nelson, Grade 11, Honors
Brianna Waycott, Grade 11, Honors
Abigail Dawson, Grade 12, Highest Honors

Charlotte Didie-Burke, Grade 6, Highest Honors
Ella Benson, Grade 7, Honors
Emelia Zabbo, Grade 7, Honors
Grace Benson, Grade 8, Highest Honors
Selah Ethier, Grade 8, Honors
Maggie Peterson, Grade 8, Honors
Tess Briden, Grade 9, Honors
Patience Small, Grade 9, Honors
Olivia Coelho, Grade 10, Highest Honors
Elizabeth White, Grade 11, Highest Honors


Sophia Andrade, Grade 6, Honors
Milan Byrne, Grade 6, Highest Honors
Sophie Green-Sermak, Grade 6, Highest Honors
Ava Brown, Grade 7, Honors
Sienna Byrne, Grade 8, Highest Honors
Molly Green-Sermak, Grade 8, Honors
Amanda Abbott, Grade 9, Honors
Laura DeGirolamo, Grade 9, Highest Honors
Madison Gomes, Grade 9, Honors
Ava Wasylow, Grade 9, Honors
Eleanor Petersen-Rockney, Grade 10, Highest Honors
Ella Wasylow, Grade 10, Highest Honors
Ashley Anderson, Grade 11, Honors
Abbie Green-Sermak, Grade 11, Highest Honors
Molly Kilkenny, Grade 11, Honors
Jia Weingard, Grade 11, Honors
Anna DeGirolamo, Grade 12, Honors
Alyssa Liebegott, Grade 12, Honors

Marya Cheema, Grade 6, Honors
Ariana Bobiak, Grade 7, Honors
Julia Martin, Grade 9, Honors
Jane Maciel, Grade 11, Honors


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