October 22, 2018

Senior Men’s Tennis Christmas Pizza Party


A “Ho-Ho” could be heard coming from a gaggle of Senior Men’s Tennis players at Center Court in East Providence on Monday, December 18. On the way to their annual Christmas pizza party after the morning’s tennis session, loud banter and chatter all but drowned out that “Ho-Ho.” It did signal party time, however. Was there a fat man in a red suit nearby?

About thirty players gathered in the lounge/bar area of Center Court where salad and pizza were plentiful together with tempting deserts (all calorie free of course) brought by the members. Those gathered remembered with sadness two of our players who passed on during the past year: Romeo Lacombe, a charter member, and Chris Bickford. They will be missed.

The tables decorated for Christmas, filled quickly as the pizza arrived courtesy of Earl Viau. Adin Demary, as usual, arranged the details of this feast that requires considerable planning and execution. This is often overlooked. Adin deserves recognition and thanks for all of his work.

At one of the tables sat six men one or two of whom were retired from active play. But they are happy to be there renewing friendships. (All former players are always invited to these events.)

There was a pause in the chatter as people took a breath after making a serious dent in the consumption of several large boxes of Pizza. Joe Piekarski, known as Joe Pie, jumped into the quiet and proceeded to make several joke awards that he created for various Players. These “awards" drew guffaws and back slapping. After consuming the tempting deserts mentioned above, belts were let out and the men of SMT began to drift out. No dinner tonight! Somewhere just outside the lounge among the departing players could be heard that Ho-Ho again and Merry Christmas everyone!


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