November 24, 2020

@SeekonKindness: Celebrating Acts of Kindness During COVID-19


The Friends of the Seekonk Public Library and Seekonk Library Trust are sponsoring a project called @SeekonKindness. “Our goal is to pull together the amazing ways in which acts of kindness are strengthening community during this difficult time,” said Moe Messier President of the Seekonk Public Library Friends. “These random or organized acts of kindness, like the library, are the heart of our community.”

The @SeekonKindness project begins with a social media presence to chronicle community acts of kindness and will continue to build upon those actions moving forward. It starts with a Facebook page to aggregate and highlight stories about acts of kindness from existing community Facebook pages, or original posts. For example, pictures, stories, videos or events from Konk Konnect, Seekonk Police Department, Seekonk Public Schools, Human Services, or an act of kindness submitted from an individual in town.

Seekonk, Massachusetts and the country are living through an unprecedented time. Not since the Great Depression has the nation faced a challenge that knows no boundaries. The COVID-19 pandemic impacts all community members—regardless of race, religion, economic status, beliefs.

In these times of great challenge, citizens unite as a community to extend a hand to neighbors, friends and family. During this “great separation,” acts of kindness brings the community together.

“While many people are scared about the short and long-term effects of the coronavirus, many also recognize this is the best time to help others. @SeekonKindness is a way for us to capture what we, as a community, are doing to help each other during the coronavirus,” says Anne Miller, Chairperson of the Seekonk Library Trust. “We need to celebrate kindness in a time of great duress.”

“The library is a welcoming place for all,” says Mr. Messier, “and people really miss not going there. We hope sharing these acts of kindness will help people feel connected to each other even though they can’t be together.”

If you know of an act of kindness that you would like to share, please visit @SeekonKindness on Facebook and share your photo, video, story or event. These actions are what define Seekonk as a community. They may be an act of kindness for one person or many, organized or informal, simple or more complex. For example, they may include:

• Making sure the homebound get food
• Organizing a birthday parade of cars for a 6 -year -old
• Writing messages of hope
• Playing music for the neighborhood to enjoy
• Applauding health care workers and other first responders

Help tell the story of the coronavirus and how Seekonk responded to this terrible crisis with kindness to each other. Share an act of kindness that you know about on the @SeekonKindness page.


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