June 16, 2019

Seekonk Animal Shelter News


Hello... I'd like to introduce myself...my name is Woody and I'm 10 years old! Nine years ago, as a youngster, I was trapped, neutered and released back to the feral colony that I liked to call my home. Back then I was a tough little rebel and thought it was great living on my own and having a nice woman feed us. You see, I didn't know any better back then...but over the past year, I started showing the woman that I was friendly and she helped me move into the shelter this past fall. I really like it here at the shelter where everyone treats me so nice and I always have food and a warm bed! They even discovered that I had a chronic ear problem and I had some polyps removed... I felt so much better after that. They aren't sure if the polyps will grow back or not but right now I just make sure they keep my ears clean. I do have a bit of a tilt to my head now but that's ok, because everyone tells me I'm so handsome and it gives me character!

It is now my dream to find a quiet home to call my own! I like other cats and I don't mind dogs. I'll even let you pick me up and I enjoy sitting in nice comfy laps!! But let's talk about my bed and taking naps... it's my favorite thing to do! Oh, don't get me wrong, I'll get a burst of energy and play with my toys and bat around my favorite fuzzy ball with my double paws too! Let's be honest, you are going to want to pet me all day because my long hair is soft and luxurious, but sometimes I get a little too excited and may give you a little love bite when I've had enough.

So, now that you know all about me...let's hear your story. I would be so excited if you stopped by to meet me. If you can't find me in my kitty condo, I'm probably napping in my other bed on the ACO's desk. Yup, they love me and I hope you will too! Visit me at the Seekonk Animal Shelter, 100 Peck St., Phone: 508-336-6663.


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