February 20, 2019

Representative Steven Howitt supports “Too Hot for Spot” campaign in Massachusetts


Boston, MA – Representative Steven Howitt (R – Seekonk) is an animal advocate. “The weather is hot, and our animal friends are vulnerable. An animal can succumb to heat in a matter of seconds, especially in a vehicle. Let’s make sure they enjoy the summer by protecting them and keep them safe.”

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is launching its fifth annual “Too Hot for Spot” campaign about the dangers of heatstroke in animals left in motor vehicles during extreme weather conditions. In 2016, the Massachusetts legislature passed a law to protect animals left in a motor vehicle when extreme weather could reasonably be expected to threaten the life of the animal.

Pets are unable to cool their bodies efficiently in the heat and run the risk of going into shock or organ failure. Symptoms that one should look out for include: fever, dizziness, profuse salivation, vomiting, and deep red or purple tongue. First responders are permitted to enter the vehicle to protect the animal from extreme heat. Citizens are not permitted to enter the vehicle unless given consent by law enforcement officials after dialing 911 and must remain with the animal until a responder arrives.

“In an effort to save the lives of our pets, please visit https://www.arlboston.org/protection/too-hot-for-spot/ to learn more about this law and the importance of keeping animals safe and protected during extreme weather conditions. They will thank you!”


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