June 24, 2021

Rep. Gregg Amore to seek reelection to RI House

East Providence Democrat has served since 2012


RI State Representative Gregg Amore, Democrat District 65, has announced his intentions to run for reelection. Amore was first elected in November of 2012. Amore is the chairman of the House Committee on Small Business. He also sits on the House Committee on Finance and chairs its Subcommittee on Education, and he is a member of the House Committee on Health, Education and Welfare.

In 2019, Chairman Amore was the sponsor of major public education reform law that increased building-level management of schools. He also was a cosponsor of a new law that will protect student loan borrowers and establish oversight of student loan servicers operating in Rhode Island.

As chairman of the House Small Business Committee, Representative Amore co-sponsored and advocated for the successful creation of the Rhode Island Small Business Development Fund, adopted in the state budget which encourages the formation of private capital investment by federally licensed companies.

During the 2018 legislative session, Representative Amore sponsored legislation that created funding mechanisms for hiring more school resource officers and for crucial security upgrades for Rhode Island’s schools. The legislation was included in the FY 2019 state budget.

He played a key role in the passage of the FY 2019 budget article containing historic school construction bond assistance. He sponsored the bill placing the East Providence High School construction project on the ballot, and following voter approval, the state is now providing up to 70% reimbursement for the state-of-the-art facility.

He was named the 2018 MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Legislator of the Year for his legislative advocacy on behalf of strengthening drunken driving laws. He was the sponsor of a law adopted in 2017 that requires insurance reimbursement for chiropractic and osteopathic non-opioid treatments for pain.

Representative Amore graduated from East Providence High School in 1984 before continuing his education at Providence College, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in history in 1988. In 2010, he earned a master’s degree in public policy from New England College.

In addition to his duties as a legislator, Representative Amore is the athletic director for the East Providence School Department after a long teaching career at East Providence High School. In 2008, Representative Amore was recognized as the Rhode Island History Teacher of the Year by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

In his reelection statement, Amore said that “I am announcing my intent to seek reelection to the Rhode Island House of Representatives. It has been my sincere honor and privilege to serve and represent the residents of East Providence.

I have tried to work on bipartisan legislation that includes, but is not limited to, improving health care outcomes for those suffering from cancer and helping those suffering from addiction, while at the same time protecting those who rely on pain medication for chronic illness. I have worked to loosen the red tape regarding our small businesses and spearheaded an unprecedented effort to open up avenues of private capital for those businesses who need that help. I led the way on the House's education reform and accountability legislation that empowers principals, teachers and parents to make decisions for their schools. I was instrumental in the state's decision to adopt the Massachusetts testing model and in offering the SAT, free of charge, to every high school student in RI. I am proud to have championed our expanding early enrollment programs where students can earn college credits while in high school. East Providence High School has taken full advantage of that and boasts one of the most comprehensive EEP course lists in the state. I was also at the forefront of the statewide and East Providence school construction bond and incentive programs. During my time in the House I have helped secure millions more dollars in education aid for East Providence schools and led the effort in the House to expand Pre-k classrooms around the state and here in East Providence.

I have been able to secure significant grants for our city's schools, food banks, charities, youth activities and historic landmarks. Most importantly, I believe I have been responsive to the needs of my constituents. I have returned every call, answered every email and worked with and for constituents who needed that help on issues ranging from unemployment insurance to veterans benefits. I am also proud that my legislative efforts and community outreach has been marked by bipartisanship and respect for everyone's point of view. I am also proud that my efforts, public statements and demeanor, in the service of my district, is not marked by the negativity, bad press and vitriol that so often accompanies our politics today.

What I am not proud of is the number of times I have used the word "I" in this post. Unfortunately campaigning requires self-promotion and fundraising. I am not comfortable with either. I humbly seek your support so that I may be able to continue to serve the city we all love.”

In his signature statement, Amore closed by saying, “Townie Pride Never Sleeps.”


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