December 4, 2021

Rehoboth Purchases Voting Devices


The Board of Selectmen voted Monday to approve the purchase of electronic voting devices to be used at future town meetings. $57,000 will be spent to purchase the equipment from Meridia Interactive Solutions. That figure also includes the laptop to operate the system, according to Selectman George Solas. Town Clerk Laura Schwall said three bids were obtained for services, and Meridia offered the lowest bid and the highest quality of products.

According to a statement on the company’s web site: “Electronic voting systems improve and accelerate collecting votes from your electorate or representatives in a council or business meeting. Our secure, proprietary, voting system doesn’t need internet and covers areas as large as 1,000 sq ft and collects hundreds of votes in seconds.

By combining voting clickers with advanced election software, you can quickly collect and aggregate responses, pass/reject motions and provide detailed participant reports for complete voter transparency. You’ll also be able to automate results reporting and with anonymous feedback, encourage honest answers. Our system allows for simple majority voting, weighted voting, proxy voting, and can be customized for specific voting workflows.”

“This technology is the best thing to blend and preserve the way we vote and how we have voted for years,” Solas said, noting the devices would reduce confusion over votes. “It’s a tremendous opportunity.”


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