May 25, 2022

Rehoboth Congregation Church 300th Church History Tour


Join us on Sunday, October 17, 2021 as we visit the early church locations that preceded our beautiful church of today. The tour will begin at the Newman Cemetery (parking in the Newman Congregational Church parking lot at 100 Newman Avenue East Providence, Rhode Island) at 1:00 PM. Then on to locations in Rehoboth: the Palmer River Meeting House site at the Palmer River Cemetery on Lake Street, the Village Cemetery where the Yellow Meeting House stood and then to our beloved church on Bay State Road. There are presenters at each location as we arrive. The tour is expected to end around 4 pm including dessert and fellowship. Come rain or shine. This event is free and the public is welcome. However, we do ask that you sign up in advance so we can guarantee there are enough materials, goody bags and parking. Please RSVP by Oct 10th online at  or contact the church office at 508 252 4545 to leave your name, phone number and email as well as the same information on anyone coming with you. You will receive materials including a map to follow when you arrive at the Newman Congregational parking lot.

The Carpenter Museum in Rehoboth will have artifacts from the Palmer River Meeting House site on display in November from the Archeological Dig that was conducted in 1975. .

History Moment
The Rehoboth Congregational Church (RCC) and the Rehoboth Antiquarian Society(RAS) have been Intertwined for almost 140 years. The Reverend George Tilton of RCC founded the RAC in 1884 to preserve Rehoboth history. Goff Memorial Hall was originally built in 1886 for the RAS. It was rebuilt in 1911 after it was destroyed by a bolt of lightning. We have used it for Sunday School, Fellowship, Christmas Bazaar, Concerts, etc. For a period RCC had title to Goff Hall. In 1951 RAS went inactive and transferred the building for $1.00. When we built our Parish House at the Church and the RAS was active again, we transferred it back to them for $1.00. We are very grateful for our relationship with the RAS and expect it to continue during our next 300 years.


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