June 24, 2021

Our election on June 30, 2020


With everything that is going on right now in the world and all of the uncertainties ahead it seems strange to focus on politics but, we do have an election on June 30th in which we will have to decide who will be best suited to be on our regional school committee. I am asking you to vote for me for one of these seats.

Over the last several years our district has had an unstable budget which could not be agreed upon by the two towns involved and the joint school committee. This instability has impacted how many parents including my family feel about keeping our kids educated here. Many families decided that this uncertainty had gone on long enough and chose to send their kids to private schools, Bristol Plymouth or Bristol County Agricultural High School. We too considered this, but in the end we decided that we would approach this differently. I chose to run for a seat on the school committee and would like to be part of the answer to this problem versus leaving.

I currently have two children in this district, one who will be a junior and the other who will be a freshman in the high school. Both of them are highly involved in a variety of activities and sports as well as taking advanced or AP courses. I have a vested interest in how well this district performs as it will directly impact the programs, services and activities they take or participate in. I have an older son who was also part of this district until this April. He required specialized educational services for his entire life and was supported by this district through his programming, Best Buddies and Unified Track just to name a few.

Currently, I am a speech language pathologist who works in the Seekonk Public School District but my former career was in the private sector at a fortune 500 company for approximately 15 years . The career transition transpired because of my desire to support and facilitate my son’s delayed communication skills.  My knowledge and background in education is extensive in both my professional and personal experiences. I believe I have a very strong understanding to hold this position, but I also know that there is a great deal to learn and I am prepared to do just that.

I firmly believe in a school district that is capable of providing a quality education that is affordable to the Town and maintainable without the need for operational budget over-rides. There are many parts of the school budget which are mandatory and required by the federal and state governments but not funded. The Department of Education consistently updates and modifies what school districts are required to do to support the education of our students but funding for these programs or supports are rarely enough (or even non-existent). This then falls on the individual towns to carry the burden. Our current financial situation for both the state and town is projected to create an economic strain which will be at an all time high. Supporting realistic budgets now that prepare us for the potential shortfalls to come while minimally impacting the quality of our town’s educational system will be my first priority. This is all done by working collaboratively with our fellow school committee members, school administrators, town selectmen and finance committees. Strong communication lines between all of these parties are the only way for all of us to get through these trying times to come.         

Finally I ask you to consider requesting an Early Voting Ballot Application found on our Town’s website via this link https://www.town.rehoboth.ma.us/ . The application is on the home page and easily accessible. For your own welfare and convenience you can vote from the safety of your own home. I recommend you do this as soon as possible in order to receive and then return your ballot. If you have questions or need assistance with this or any other questions you may have for me please visit my Facebook page, Ellen Corvi’s campaign for Dighton Rehoboth School Committee and post your comments or concerns. I want to hear from you.

Ellen Corvi - Rehoboth


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