August 9, 2022

Our Current Amended Agreement Dighton Rehoboth Regional School District 1987


Page 9, Sec IX-Withdrawal of elementary grades K-8.

A. Vote required

All of the member towns of the District shall resume jurisdiction over the education of pupils in grades Kindergarten through eight, inclusive, residing in their respective towns, if any member town, by vote at an annual or special town meeting, votes to resume jurisdiction over the education of pupils in grades kindergarten through eight, inclusive, residing in such town and follows the procedure hereinafter set forth.

Hopefully this will clarify the wording to withdraw our K-8 from the regional district. Mr. Azar continually tries to interject negative aspects in to our efforts to improve the education of our children. “What people will find out is DESE more than likely would not allow it because Rehoboth and Dighton cannot stand separately and afford a school district” Rehoboth has been paying 65% of our regional districts costs for a number of years, Dighton 35%. “I am not sure they fully understand the enormity of their endeavor”. We fully understand our endeavor and are working to make a smooth transition in the process.

As for Mr. Jefferson a long standing Dighton School Committee member, “If the Selectmen or citizens wish to dissolve the full district they can work towards that.” He doesn’t know the wording of the regional district agreement? Oh that’s right he was part of a district committee to remove the wording of the agreement to prevent K-8 withdrawal which Rehoboth would not agree to thankfully.

Jay Crandall
A signatory to the K-8 withdrawal petition to allow the residents of Rehoboth to regain control of our schools. A standalone school system budget is decided by the end of town meeting. Dighton nor DESE can interfere. No more votes will be taken to deny a majority vote of the people!


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