February 26, 2021

Newman UCC Racial Equity Team Responds to Violence in Nation’s Capital


What transpired in our nation’s capital on Wednesday, January 6 has shaken us to our core and has caused many of us to wonder what the coming weeks may hold. As terrifying as this attack on our democracy may be… a piece of our shared work is to bear witness. At the core of the unrest and the vulgar display of domestic terrorism are two evils which continue to haunt our nation: white supremacy and weaponized Christianity. These ideas and the actions that trail in their wake are in fact evil, and we must call them so.

At Newman UCC we are committed to living the love and justice of Jesus. We continue to present a strong public witness to the radical hospitality of Jesus in our ministry to and our alliance with members of the queer community. We continue to work to acquire racial equity for the Black and Brown people in our community and this nation. As terrifying as it was, we will grow stronger from the Capitol takeover we witnessed.

To ensure that the dark cloud of evil is driven from our nation we must be dedicated to the abolition of white supremacy, racial inequity, and police brutality. The Newman Congregational Church denounces the attack on our Capitol and our democracy. We continue to push until the promise of equal justice is true, and until the American declaration of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness rings as a reality for all Americans.

Newman Congregational Church, United Church of Christ is located at 100 Newman Avenue, Rumford, RI 02916. For more information, contact Rev. Timoth Sylvia at 401-434-4742.

Newman UCC is an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ seeking to live the love and justice of Jesus in our community, our nation and the world.


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