September 23, 2020

My Top Local Beach Picks


There are so many beaches in Rhode Island and Massachussets and it can be difficult to find the best one to go to. There are populated ones, and lesser known gems. For now, here’s a quick overview of my personal favorite beaches (as well as ones mentioned by my parents.)

First Beach in Newport is very popular. It’s also known as Easton’s Beach and can be found at 175 Memorial Blvd Newport, RI. Not t be confused with Second beach, First Beach is next to the cliff walk and the Bay Exploration Center and Aquarium. There’s a carousel nearby and a beach store for “all the items you have have forgotten,” such as sunscreen and towels. The beach is open from 9 to 9 and is a great beach to go to with friends!

Second Beach isn’t too far, also known as Sachuset Beach. If you drive 7 minutes down Purgatory Rd. The waves are pretty tame, but you can catch a good wave on a surfboard, beginners welcome! This beach can be found at 474 Sachuset Point Road, Middletown. Sometimes a Del’s truck shows up, as well as the concession stand. However, with that comes some pretty aggressive seagulls! So watch your food, because they’re rather terrifying.

Third Beach is the less populated beach of the three. It’s also known as the Navy Beach and can be found at 3rd Beach Rd, Middletown RI. This beach has a very slow drop off, so if you enjoy shallower water, it’s perfect for you. The sand is full of shells so it’s a great place to go shell searching!

South Shore Beach is one I go to a lot. To begin with, the drive down is incredibly pretty as long as you take the scenic route by the water. If you’re using a GPS to get here, avoid Fish Road at all costs! It’s all backgrounds and sharp turns. If you need help figuring out how to choose the optimal route, try asking your local teenager. South Shore Beach can be found at South Shore Road in Little Compton, RI. The beach itself is very family friendly. Though it can fill up quickly, it’s very family friendly and isn’t too crowded. There aren’t too many nasty seagulls and there is a pond nearby if anyone wants to go fishing. Though, if you want to go fishing, you have to pick up a fishing license! There aren’t any concessions but there are changing rooms and bathrooms. Occasionally, there’s a really good hot dog stand, I would recommend it.

Right next to South Shore beach is Goosewing beach. You park at South Shore Beach but if you don’t mind walking a little ways down, it’s much quieter. This beach is much more secluded and not as publicized. To get there, you have cross a small river (sometimes it doesn’t exist, it depends if people have built a dam) and go past the rocks. When you pass the red flags, you’ve made it to Goosewing.

Grinnel Beach is actually on the way to South Shore Beach in Tiverton. It recently ended construction and renovations and there is a new table area. The beach itself is good for kids, and has a slow drop off with minimal waves. There’s a designated area for swimming and it’s a great family beach.

Charlestown Beach is another beautiful drive down. It’s a bit steep and has some bigger waves but going beyond the break is fairly easy. There is a private beach that you can walk on, but the public beach is where you can keep your things. If you stay until sunset, the sky turns pink and the sun sets over the pond; it’s gorgeous.


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