October 20, 2020

Mayor signs revamped, council-approved health and sanitation ordinances


East Providence, RI – Mayor Bob DaSilva today signed a newly revamped group of ordinances that will ultimately improve East Providence’s sanitation program.

The ordinances, introduced by Councilwoman Anna Sousa and approved by the East Providence City Council, address automated trash collection, rodent infestation and eradication, littering and includes violations and fines.

The ordinances were amended to reflect the city’s new automated trash collection program, and recent rodent infestations and littering.

“I am proud of the collaboration between the Council, Administration and City staff on this health and sanitation issues,” Councilwoman Sousa said. “These well thought-out changes to our ordinances will ensure that our beautiful city is kept clean and free of unwanted rodents.”

“The City’s newly-launched automated trash collection program, together with the assistance of our residents and business owners staying in compliance of the amended ordinances, will ensure that our city remains clean and litter-free,” Mayor Bob DaSilva said.

The ordinances include the following mandates and fines:
• Trash must be placed in the containers provided by the city and featuring the city seal and shall be covered at all times. There should be no trash overflowing from the cart, nor should trash bags be placed on the ground, curb or sidewalk
• Only trash produced by residents at their home should be included in the trash containers. Trash generated in another location or by another business shall not be placed in a container provided by the city.
• The City will provide each household with four units or less with one, 95-gallon rubbish cart. The cart may be substituted with a 65-gallon cart upon request. Additional carts may be purchased by the resident or homeowner.
• Items that do not fit in the cart including mattresses, furniture, appliances, computers and carpets are considered bulky items. These items shall be picked up by appointment only.

1. Fee for the scheduled pickup of mattresses and/or box springs will be $25 per item.
2. Fee for scheduled pickup of appliances (refrigerator, stoves, washer etc.) will be $25.
3. Discarded furniture, rug/carpet sections or other household waste that does not fit in container is picked up by appointment on Fridays.

• No trash shall be placed out for collection before 3 p.m. on the day prior to the scheduled collection. Failure to comply will result in a fine of $50 per day.
• Non-recyclable materials and trash placed within the blue recycling container may result in a fine of $50 per day.
• Those dwellings with more than four units must provide a private trash removal service.
• Operators/Owners of every establishment which uses a dumpsters must have a cover on the dumpster, must not allow for accumulates material or waste on the ground or overflow of the dumpster and must make arrangements to have it emptied. Overflowing dumpsters or accumulation of material on the ground will result in fines.
1. First Violation: $50 fine for each day the violation exists.
2. Second Violation within three months of first violation: $100 fine for each day the violation exists.
3. Third Violation within six months of the first violation is $150 fine for each day the violation exists.

The Health and Sanitation Ordinances make it the responsibility of the owner AND occupant of a dwelling to take immediate measures to address a rodent infestation by rat eradication, rat proofing or other action that is deemed necessary.

It also enables the city to impose hefty fines on those who leave or deposit litter or rat or vermin harborage and illegal dumping of anything on any street, sidewalk or other public place within the city including:
• First Offense: repayment of any cost incurred by the City to remediate the litter and a $150 fine and/or community service of 25 hours of cleaning public places.
• Second Offense: repayment of any cost incurred by the City to remediate the littering or other violation of the ordinance and a $250 fine and/or community service of 50 hours of cleaning public places.
• Subsequent Offense: repayment of cost incurred by the City to remediate the littering or other violation of the ordinance and a $500 fine and/or community service of 100 hours of cleaning public places.

These new ordinances will allow the City to engage in educating residents while also enforcing compliance.


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