October 21, 2020

Loose Dogs in Seekonk


Thank you Brent Gilliam for your letter concerning loose dogs at The Meadows, the open space area behind the Seekonk Library. In January, I came to the hard decision to stop walking my dog at the Meadows. I had been walking her there daily, twice a day.

Months earlier I had to stop walking my dog at Gammino Pond for the same reason. Unfortunately, encounters with loose dogs had become the norm instead of the exception.
Yes, the owner often yelling that their dog was safe or ignoring my calling out for them to leash their dog. If you are not holding the leash that is attached to your dog or the leash is draped around your neck, your dog is not leashed. Not a safe situation for the owners or the dogs.

Last year I did contact Seekonk Animal Control, the Seekonk police, the selectmen's office, and the committee that oversees the Meadows with my concern about loose dogs. Many months later, a sign was placed at the opening of the Meadows and one at the opening of Gammino Pond. The last line of the third paragraph states that dogs must be leashed. It is not highly visible and too often ignored. Dog bags and litter barrels were also placed at that time, which was very nice. But you can’t pick up after your dog if you don’t know where they went.
I would propose that an easy solution would be to post a large, visible sign at the opening of the Meadows and one at the opening of Gammino Pond that states clearly that dogs must be leashed. It would be nice if that space is safe and accessible to all.

Beverly Procopio


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