April 3, 2020

K-9 Search Conducted at Dighton-Rehoboth


The Dighton Police Department conducted police K-9 searches of Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School and Bristol County Agricultural High School Friday morning.

Chief Robert MacDonald said the searches were conducted simultaneously by Dighton Police at approximately 8:20 a.m. and lasted 45 minutes at each school. K-9 searches are done at the schools at least once each school year.

A notice has been sent out to parents at both high schools that the searches were conducted.

As a result of the search at Bristol County Agricultural High School, there was no contraband found.

During the search of Dighton-Rehoboth Regional High School, the K-9 had multiple positive alerts inside backpacks and lockers that resulted in the removal of a BB gun, a metal baton and several tobacco and THC vaping products.

The matters are currently under investigation by the Dighton Police Department and the Dighton-Rehoboth Regional School District.

“Safety of students and our schools is one of the top priorities of our department,” Chief MacDonald said. “Searches like today’s are a routine part of ensuring that the schools are safe and secure. Seeing that there were some positive alerts by our K-9, and particularly that a weapon was found and seized is concerning and we will be working with the school department to determine the best course of action as the investigation progresses.”

Dighton-Rehoboth School Superintendent Anthony Azar said “the majority of the items that were confiscated during yesterday's search were found in one students car located in the school parking lot.”

“I have directed Dr. (John) Gould, high school principal, to work with our law enforcement officials to making sure our high school is a safe place for every student,” Azar continued. “Thus, any disciplinary actions occurring out of yesterday's search, will be swift and followed to the fullest extent based on the law and our student handbook.”

As part of the standard operating procedure of the search, the schools were briefly sheltered in place to ensure that no students came in contact with the K-9. Once the search was completed, the shelter in place order was lifted. The school day then resumed on their regular schedules.


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