July 3, 2022

Hope and Faith Drive


It all began with the mission to teach my granddaughter, Hailee, a life lesson on the importance of giving back to those less fortunate. She immediately became passionate about it and described our future efforts as giving ‘hope and faith’ to those who need it most.

Hope & Faith Drive started out slowly by personally asking family and friends to donate $1.00 each month to help purchase food. In a matter of several month, donations began coming in more consistently and various boxes of canned and packaged goods started appearing on our front porch to donate.

Five years later, we feel blessed to have support from local schools, community centers, businesses, and programs who share our passion for feeding those in our city. Because of YOU, we have been able to consistently feed more than 20 families each month and countless individuals in our community year-round.

Now, as we grow, we hope we inspire the youths we work with, the families we serve, and our community that the passion to give back should continue to live in all of us and will surely make our world and our city a better place to live in.


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