May 21, 2018

Eagle Scout Project Recognizes Firefighters In Memorial


Dear Rehoboth Residents,

My name is Michael Koussa, from Troop 3, North Dighton. I'm working on my Eagle Scout Service Project for the Rehoboth Fire Department. The purpose of the project is to recognize the Rehoboth firefighters who have passed away, by placing grave markers and firefighter’s memorial flags next to their gravestones. There are currently 121 names on the Firefighter's Memorial Roll Call. I am in the process of trying to locate where these firefighters have been laid to rest so they can receive the honor they deserve for their dedication to our Rehoboth community. This, however, is a great challenge. Therefore, I’m reaching out to you for any information you can provide to me in locating their grave sites. There may also be many names of firefighters from years past which don’t appear on this roster. If you know of any firefighter’s names which should be on the list, I would appreciate the information. I'm also planning on finalizing my project by enhancing the current Firefighter’s Memorial located at Station #3 on Pleasant Street by adding additional landscaping and seating so that residents may visit and reflect upon the lives of these honorable firefighters.

Please see the following list. If you have any information about where these firefighters have been laid to rest, please contact me at

With gratitude,

Michael Koussa
Troop 3
No. Dighton

Albernaz, Manuel; Alburn, Raymond; Alburn, Walter E.*; Alger, Fred; Almeida, Antone; Almeida, Frank; Bennett, Roger; Bomes, Robert; Bowers, Everett D.; Brander, Lester; Brunette, David, A.; Burgess, Frederick; Burgess, Manuel; Calista, John; Calisto, John, Jr.; Calisto, Joseph; Caouette, Lawrence; Cardoza, Anthony; Cardoza, Joseph; Carpenter, Louis D.; Cardoza, John; Cash, Charles H.; Cash, Leslie R.; Churchill, Richard; Coburn, William Billy"; Collins, Raymond; Croome, Earl Sr.; Davis, Daniel; Deblois, Kenneth; Devolle, George; Drowne, Todd A.; Duarte, David; Duckworth, Irving; Earle, John W.; Ezyk, Richard; Frederickson, Oscar; Frederickson, Raymond; Fredette, Victor; Fricker, Steve; Fuller, Frank; Glynn, Raymond; Goff, Earl Sr.; Goff, Royal B.; Goff, Walter A (Chief); Gousie, Frank; Gousie, Leon; Harris, Clifton E.; Haskell, Weston; Hilsman, Jay D.; Horton, Howard M.; Horton, Norman M.; Horton, Walter "Red"; Hurrell, Arthur Ted, Jr. (Chief); Hurrell, Arthur T. *; Hurrell, Gordon; Johnson, Herbert Jr.; Johnson, Herbert Sr.; Kilmurry, George; Knott, Albert E.; Knox, Milton L. Sr.; Laurino, Anjelo; Leffort, Malcom; Lavigne, Archie; Lockhart, George B.; Mansfield, Robert R.; Mansfield, Lucius*; Mansfield, Stanley C.; Marshall, Kenneth, Jr.; Martin, Paul; McCrea, Brian; McKearney, Ronald; McLean, Alan J.; McMannis, Peter; Meagher, John J.; Mello, Joseph M.; Mendes, Arthur; Moore, Edwin W.; Moore, Herbert M.; Munroe, Bud**; Nystrom, Sanford E.; Pacheco, Manuel; Parker, John C. Sr.; Peckham, Raymond; Pereira, Kevin; Perry, Antone; Perry, Joseph; Plunkett, William; Pomfret, Richard; Quint, Jeffery; Rabbitt, Antone; Rabbitt, Jack; Raposa, George; Rego, John; Richmond, Thomas; Rousseau, Everett; Roy, Norman; Saunders, Douglas; Santos, Anthony; Sariva, Pastor Tony (Chaplain); Schaad, Robert; Short, Everett E.; Silva, Joseph B.; Silveira, Randy; Smith, Clifford E.; Smith, Donald Sr.; Smith, Edwin R.; Souza, Raymond; Stevens, Nelson; Terra, George C.; Thompson, Herbert; Thompson, Rev. Sam (Chaplain); Toste, Joesph, Jr.; Vandenberg, Conrad; Vatcher, Roy**; Vickery, Howard C.; Waite, David R. Sr.; Waterman, Everett A.; Waterman, George; Waterman, Lester A.; Weir, Richard, Rev (Chaplain); Wetherall, George (Deputy).


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