August 8, 2020

Candy Seel Announces for City Council - Ward 3

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Candy Seel had previously announced her intention to seek the ward 3 city council seat now held by Thomas Rose. “Like so many East Providence residents, businesspeople and taxpayers, I've been alarmed at the steady decline of our proud city. Nearly 50 years ago, East Providence was named an "All-America City" by the National Civic League. The award came just a few years after the city incorporated in 1958. This was a proud time for our city – a time of prosperity and general wellbeing – and I want East Providence to regain what it's lost since then,” said Seel in a statement. Seel explained that she is a newcomer to politics, but that she has a deep desire to serve the community, especially homeowners and business owners, taxpayers, school children, the elderly and the disadvantaged. She said that she could offer only one promise to everyone who asks – that she’ll “approach every issue with honesty, fairness, independence, intelligence and compassion.” Seel has attended council meetings for several years and has been active on civic fronts. “East Providence is struggling to provide basic city and school-side services – the things that provide the quality of life that has made East Providence so great for so many generations of Townies. At the same time, the city struggles with a budget deficit that was allowed to grow over many years. Some on the council seem to base decisions not on the interests of the people as a whole, but on the interests of their friends and financial backers. I have a different approach. My campaign is based on honesty, fairness, independence and intelligence. I’ll use my education, my integrity and my common sense to make the best decisions I can on the issues that face us,” stated Seel. Seel graduated from EPHS in 1965 and received of BA from George Washington University. After living and working in the Washington, DC, area until 1977, she returned to Rhode Island. Seel and her husband, Jerry, live on South Broadway in the city. Seel received a Master of Public Administration from URI Feinstein, 2009. Seel currently is Project Coordinator in the Media department for RI School of Design. Incumbent ward 3 council member, Thomas Rose said that his campaign committee will formally announce his plans to run for re-election soon. “I want to continue my representation of my ward and the entire city. We have done much and there is more to do together,” Rose said. Rose is also Assistant Mayor.


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I've known Candy all my life and know her to be a very honest and independent person. I don't think you will find a better candidate for City Council.

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