September 27, 2021

Bishop Feehan Third Quarter Honor Roll


Vice Principal for Academics, Anne Kennedy, is proud to announce the Honor Roll students for the third quarter.

Honor Roll is a recognition of high performing students based on the student’s overall average in any given quarter, regardless of the levels of their classes. Bishop Feehan has three levels of Honor Roll. First Honors is awarded to students whose overall average in that quarter is grade 93.00 or higher, Second Honors is grade 90.00 or higher, and Third Honors is 85.00 or higher, with no individual grade below 80.

First Honors:  Rachel Simone, 12                              
Third Honors:  Benjamin Feeley, 10

First Honors:  Olivia Castro, 12; Sean O'Brien, 12; Connor Platt, 12

Second Honors:  Sophia Silva, 9; Una Soliday, 9; Meriel Assi, 10; Malayna Bizier, 10; Caitlin Brawley, 10; Alexander Cote, 10; Samuel DeMoura, 10; Noah Ferreira, 10; Faith Abbott, 11; Maryssa Bizier, 12; Hannah Ramer, 12

Third Honors:  Devin Andrade, 10; Emma Chapman, 10; Cormac Masterson, 10; Ryan Rebelo, 10; Paul Castro, 12; Megan Reed, 12

First Honors:  Evan Jackson, 9; Emma Leeuwenburgh, 9; Jordan Carreiro, 11; Amelia Mignacca, 11; Matthew Anghinetti, 12; Emma Patterson, 12

Second Honors:  Allel Azzouz, 9; Matthew Cunha, 9; Jonathan Mignacc, 9; Lydia Nassef, 9; Jack Hudson, 10; Victoria Santos, 10; Loukas Bitsakis, 11; Ethan Gallishaw, 11; Jessica Leonard, 12

Third Honors:  Benjamin Almeida, 9; Grace Borden, 11; Carlos Botelho, Jr., 11; Jackson Leonard, 11; Ryan Gill, 12


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