October 1, 2020

Actions on Rehoboth Talk

Posted by ChrisHoskins

Taken from an email to the moderator of RehobothTalk regarding the “Fire Anthony Azar” YouTube account:

“Lorraine (and anyone else who you may be working with),

I would just like to let you know that your actions have not only upset me, but they have disgusted me to the point where I am stooping to the level of emailing you about it. Not only did you take clips from videos I took on my cell phone, but you vandalized an image that we at SOS pride ourselves on. You should be deeply ashamed of yourselves, especially those of you who once held or do hold a position (elected or appointed) in town. As a resident and voter of Rehoboth, I will make it my mission that any and all of your cruel, misleading actions against this administration, School Committee members, teachers, or any other respectable, educated, and hard-working individual working in the interest of the children in this town, are combatted greatly. I am a recent high school graduate who is just barely a legal adult, and even I know not to speak of ANYONE as inaccurately and disrespectfully as you have. What you have done should be against the law.

With detestation,

Chris Hoskins

PS: Feel free to publish this wherever you'd like. Since you've blocked my opinions from your facebook page and Rehoboth Talk, it'll be a nice refresher for your followers.”



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