March 22, 2019

Howitt Working Both Sides?


It was extremely disappointing to learn that Rep. Howitt was playing both sides of an important issue. While portraying himself as a supporter of CARCS, he was communicating with a representative of the pipeline and compressor station in order to advance the initiatives of Spectra Enbridge. He is exactly what is wrong with our country. You cannot do both, Mr. Howitt. You cannot offer us your support and then secretly be complicit in destroying us.

We are not just Republicans or Democrats. We are your constituents. You work for us. We put our trust in you. You are the same as Washington. Stop spreading the lies about the need for fuel which Massachusetts does not need. The world is moving to clean, safe, alternative energy. We should be, too. We do not exist to line the pockets of fracked gas. Stop playing both sides...or are you only on one side?

Patricia Abrahamson


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