July 22, 2018

From the Town Clerk's Office


Seekonk, as well other surrounding cities and towns, held a special state primary for the purpose of electing the individuals that would compete for the recently vacated senate seat held by James Timilty. The Democrats elected Paul R. Feeney, the Republicans elected Jacob J. Ventura. There will also be an independent candidate, Joseph Shortsleeve competing for the seat. Below is the Total Tally sheet.

The state election will be held on October 17, 2017 at the Seekonk High School, 261 Arcade Avenue from 7AM - 8PM. Hope to see everyone come out to vote. Your Vote counts!

If you have come to vote recently and you were told you had an “I” by your name this means you are an “inactive” voter. You are still on the voter rolls, you just did not answer the Annual Street Listing /Census information sent out in the spring. We also mail a follow up post card in the summer if you did not respond to the first mailing. The post card mailing is a costly process so we ask people to please try and mail in the census when you first get it. The General Laws of Massachusetts mandate the annual street listing of residents each year. Failure to respond to the census mailing for two consecutive years results in the removal from the active voting list and may result in removal from the voter registration rolls. (M.G. L.Ch.51, 4c). Please try to make every effort to mail in you Annual Street Listing /Town Census forms every year it makes it easier on everyone when you come to vote.

Fall Town Meeting News
Seekonk will be holding its Fall Town Meeting on November 13, 2017 7PM at the Seekonk High School auditorium. The warrant is now open and will close October 13, 2017.
Below are some town meeting guidelines to help with your participation at town meeting.

Town Meeting Guidelines
Town meeting guidelines exist to facilitate an orderly, dignified, respectful and fair discussion of issues leading to informed votes and good decisions. We all deserve the respect and courtesy of our neighbors, and we owed them the same. The Moderator will politely, but firmly enforce these guidelines, in appropriate circumstances for the benefit of all.

Addressing the Meeting

  • Wait to be recognized (given the floor) by the Moderator
  • Begin by stating your name and address (or board/committee you represent)
  • Speak only to the motion before the meeting at that moment
  • No personal speech - you may not speak about or to other persons. You may not reference the person or comment on his or her character, motivation, etc.
  • Rude or disrespectful speech will not be tolerated
  • While all may speak on a motion more than once, no one may speak a second time until everyone who wishes to, has spoken once.
  • Repetitive or redundant comments should be avoided.

Speakers may ask questions of another person in the hall, but questions must be addressed through the Moderator. Example: "I have a question through the Moderator for Town Counsel." Dialogue between two persons is not allowed.

Moving/Calling the Question
A speaker may not participate in debate and then finish their comments with a motion to move/call the question. A move to call the question must be done alone with no other discussion.

Simple amendments to a motion that change only a few words or numbers can be moved verbally. All other amendments must be presented to the Moderator in writing.

Printed information can be left with the checkers on the registration tables for voters to read if the following guidelines are followed.

  • Must be approved in advance by the Moderator
  • Must be left on the sign in tables for optional pickup - not be distributed by hand
  • Must identify the author(s)
  • Must be informational and pertinent to Town Meeting

Town Meeting Participants
Moderator: Presides and regulates the proceedings, decides all questions of order, and make public declaration of all votes.
Town Clerk: Records the minutes of each Town Meeting and maintains the official record of all votes taken.
Board of Selectmen: Serve as the Town's executive authority. The Selectmen have the power, and in the case of citizens' petitions are required, to insert Articles in the Warrant, but at the Meeting have the authority to accept, reject or modify any proposal.
Town Administrator: Acts under the direction of the Board of Selectmen.
Town Counsel: Provides legal advice to the Moderator and the participants when required.
Finance Director: Present at all meetings to answer questions and keep track of the town's finances.
Finance Committee: Appointed by the Town Moderator to answer and make recommendations on financial articles. Registered Voters: You. Only registered voters are allowed to vote at the Town Meeting.

Dealing with a Warrant Article
Step 1: The Motion
After introductory remarks, Town Meeting begins proceeding through its business by the moderator announcing Article 1. If practical, the moderator reads the article aloud. If it is too lengthy, he will read a brief summary followed by "as described in the article". Refer to the printed warrant for the exact language. The Moderator will then ask for a motion.

  • The Moderator, as part of the introduction of the article, will read "It has been moved and seconded (by the article sponsor) that the town will vote to (remainder of the motion). Now the article is before the Meeting as a Main Motion.
  • A motion can be made to "pass over/' "postpone indefinitely" or "dismiss" and article, usually when the sponsor has decided they do not want any action on the article. These all mean to NOT do what is proposed in the article on the floor. If seconded, this becomes the Main Motion and must be ·acted upon before the Meeting can again consider the article.

Step 2: Finance Committee Recommendation
Once a Main Motion has been made and seconded, the Moderator asks the Finance Committee for their recommendation. The Finance Committee may simply state they do or do not recommend the article. They may also provide some comment explaining their recommendation.

Step 3: Discussion
Discussion of the article usually begins with the sponsor (the town board, official or group of citizens that asked to have the article on the warrant). He or she will explain why they think the article is good for the town and why Town Meeting should support it. Discussion then continues with anyone who wishes to speak on the issue. During discussion, there may be other motions to amend, postpone, etc. the Main Motion. These are handled with their own separate discussion and vote after which the meeting returns to the Main Motion. Discussion continues until no one else wishes to speak or until the question is "called" or debate is stopped by a 2/3 vote of the floor.

Step 4: The Vote
When debate is finished, the Moderator calls for a vote and declares which side prevailed. This four step process repeats until every article on the warrant has been addressed.

Community Information
10th Annual Food for Fuel Pasta Festival Pasta Festival is Wednesday October 25th, 4:30pm to 7pm. at the Seekonk High School 261 Arcade Ave. Hosted by Seekonk Human Services. Hope to see everyone come out to support this worthy cause.

Seekonk Parks and Recreation is holding Trunk & Treat again this year - Saturday October 21, 1pm – 3pm at the Hurley Middle School- 650 Newman Avenue - For more information call Parks & Recreation 508-336-2942.
Flu vaccines are in at the Board of Health. For more information please call 508-336-2950.

Have a wonderful October, and a fun and safe Halloween.


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