July 22, 2024

Former Seekonk Police Chief Gets New Job


Former Police Chief Dean Isabella has been hired in a managerial role for the Rhode Island Department of Corrections.

Isabella was terminated by the Seekonk Board of Selectmen in January 2023.

He was replaced by David Enos, who was serving as Deputy Chief at the time.

Isabella was hired in December 2020 and had a year left on his contract.

Prior to Isabella’s dismissal, Town Administrator Shawn Cadime said the police department needed to undergo a “directional shift.”

Isabella later filed a lawsuit against the Town of Seekonk and the Board of Selectmen for breach of contract.

In the court filing with the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, Isabella’s attorney Eric Brainsky noted: “The (Board of Selectmen) opened the hearing by highlighting their erroneous position the BOS is entitled to terminate Chief Isabella’s employment with the Town with, or without cause. The BOS presented no evidence or allegations of any wrongdoing by Chief Isabella that would purportedly justify his termination or the termination of his Contract. During said hearing, no findings or even so much as any discussion regarding just cause or cause to terminate Chief Isabella’s employment and/or Contract was had by the BOS.”

Brainsky also alleged the town violated Isabella’s rights to due process as guaranteed in the fifth and fourteenth amendments to the Constitution: “(The) Defendants, acting under color of law, knowingly, intentionally, egregiously, arbitrarily, capriciously, corruptly and outrageously disregarded the law, violating Plaintiff’s life, liberty and property rights.”


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