April 25, 2019
Bob Rodericks is a candidate for East Providence City Council at Large

Council Candidate Bob Rodericks Urges City to Keep Adviser Luba

"I think the City would benefit greatly by keeping Paul Luba as a financial bridge to the new Mayor and City Council" - Rodericks


Bob Rodericks, a candidate for the East Providence City Council at Large seat, has asked the City to consider keeping on the state-appointed fiscal watchdog, Paul Luba, for the near future. In a campaign press statement, Rodericks said that "I have written a letter to both Interim City Manager Christopher Parella and Mayor and Councilman at Large James Briden, to ask them to explore the possibility of keeping fiscal adviser Paul Luba on. Luba has been an important part of the fiscal recovery our City has experienced," said Rodericks.

Paul Luba was appointed for a 5 year term to oversee East Providence and is scheduled to finish his stay in the City this September. "As East Providence is about to elect its first-ever full time Mayor and a new City Council, it seems prudent to keep Luba in City Hall for a little while longer. This would help provide for a smooth transition to a brand new form of government," added Rodericks. "Paul Luba would provide us with skilled financial experience, historical knowledge of East Providence and a calming, common sense approach to government budgeting.

In his letter to Parella and Briden, Rodericks wrote, "May I respectfully ask that you consider keeping State Financial Adviser, Paul Luba as a budget adviser to our City beyond his exit date of September, 2018. As you know, Mr. Luba has been a valuable resource to our City as we have bounced back from the serious financial problems of the past.

Paul Luba has quietly and efficiently helped East Providence and other communities back to strong fiscal responsibility. This would be a big help to East Providence as we transition to a full time elected Mayor form of government. Mr. Luba would be a very important resource to our budget process in an historic period of our government."

"If elected in November, I will ask our council and new Mayor to consider this option going forward. This would be part-time or on an as-needed basis" said Rodericks.


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