June 23, 2018

Am I worthy of your Vote for Seekonk’s Water Commissioner?


Any type of public office is a privilege to serve the community in a leadership role. Many incumbents and candidates have forgotten this principle. They have betrayed your trust and made us feel cynical towards government and elections. Frequently our State and Federal politicians divide us more than uniting us together as Americans. We feel powerless to do anything about these issues. There is a solution. GET INVOLVED, Run for Office.

I announced my candidacy in last month’s issue of the Rehoboth Reporter. This will be my second attempt. Nobody likes to lose. My initial feeling was to let it go and stay out of this race until several influential citizens called requesting I give it another attempt. It was encouraging to feel that others valued my efforts to improve the Seekonk Water Department.

Elections should be issue based. Last year I spoke about the Jacoby Way residential construction which encroaches upon our primary well fields. This suburban sprawl cluster development remains a Nitrate threat to our drinking water.
This year, I OPPOSE the proposed Rehoboth Natural Gas Compressor Station Project. We share water from the same underground aquifer. This shared body of water doesn’t recognize Town boundary lines. Hazardous, Cancerous, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) can and will leak into this aquifer and poison us unless we stand together and FIGHT. Go to www.No Rehoboth Compressor.Com for more information.

It‘s shocking that incumbent Water Commissioner- Vice Chairman Christopher T. Craft has taken no public position on these issues. Where is the leadership we expect from our elected official? He previously failed us by not protecting our wells. He allowed the adjacent Jacoby Way land to be developed. His lack of passion, communication, and action reinforces the perception that he suffers from a lack of vision and foresight. His invisible tenure has been a disappointment. It’s time for new leadership. You deserve much better.

My qualifications are these- lifelong resident of Seekonk. US NAVY Veteran, B/S Secondary Education, M/S Criminal Justice, Nursing LPN Certificate, 20 years retired Seekonk Police Officer, 4 years service with the Seekonk Board of Health, and current Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School Committee Member. Most importantly, I am a person of good character and a man of my word.

You can expect common sense and performance based decisions from me. Am I worthy of your vote? The answer is Yes ! Be sure to watch the Candidates Debate on Seekonk Cable TV9 in March. Thanks for your Consideration.

Douglas Brown LPN, Candidate for Seekonk Water Commissioner.


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