February 17, 2020

Thank you Donna “S”


When it was time to put our beautiful sick dog “down”, we made the appointment and dreaded going to the vets office. These appointments are always the last appointment of the day — understandably. I left my husband and dog in the car while I went in to make sure “the coast was clear”. There was a woman picking up a prescription for her pet. She turned to me and with tears in my eyes I told her that I was there to put my 10 year old dog down. She came over and hugged me and then asked me if I was alone because she would stay with me to help me get through this. I told her that my husband was in the car with our dog. I thanked her for her wonderful offer. When my husband and I left the office after the “event”, we found a note on our car from this stranger.

It read “I’m sorry, I’ll light a candle for your fur kid tonight”.

There still are wonderful caring people all around us.

Thank you Donna “S”
Joanne and Dan Stevens


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