July 13, 2024

10 Surprising Ways to Practice Self-Care


Self-care is deeply personal. The self-care methods that work for your friends or your partner might not work for you – and sometimes, you have to look beyond popular self-care tips to find activities that truly nourish you. Courtesy of Reporter Today, here are a few potential self-care strategies you may not have tested yet!

Start a Home Business

Starting a home business can be an exciting venture, offering the flexibility of working from your own space and setting your own hours. It's crucial to have a well-thought-out business plan, a clear vision, and the determination to overcome any challenges that come your way to ensure the success of your entrepreneurial journey. If you’re wondering how to start your own business from home, carefully research business ideas. Businesses like consulting, dog walking, selling online, and tutoring can be ideal.

Adopt a Pet

Companionship can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. That’s why so many people find that getting a pet improves their mental health! Pets give unconditional love, so if you’re interested in adopting a furry friend, reach out to your local shelter.

Try Gardening

Gardening is a great pastime with many benefits, from fresh produce to beautiful blooms – and the exercise it takes to cultivate them! There are also plenty of online resources to help you develop your green thumb. For example, if you’re interested in growing a Hoya surigaoensis, here are some essential tips!

Art Therapy

Integrating therapy and creativity can yield powerful results. Art therapy can be a great choice for people of all ages! Pinnacle Health Group states that through art therapy, you can channel your emotional pain into creative works and transform your struggles into something positive. This can shift your perspective on life.

Don’t Forget to Exercise

Being more physically active is an excellent way to boost your self-esteem while also improving your physical health. This could be as simple as taking daily walks, going to a gym once or twice a week, or buying a set of resistance bands for home use. You could even put on a pump-up playlist and dance around your room to lift your mood! If you really love dancing, you could also consider signing up for classes like zumba, barre, or adult ballet.

Think About a Career Change

Considering a career change can be an empowering and exciting decision, opening doors to new opportunities and experiences that align better with your aspirations and values. Utilizing a free resume creator can streamline the process, helping you create a professional and impactful resume tailored to your desired industry, highlighting your transferable skills and experiences.

Take a Pottery Class

Getting lost in an art project can clear your mind and shift your attention away from your stress. By taking a pottery class and creating handmade ceramics that you can take home, you’ll be able to leave your worries behind for a while. Health Fitness Revolution states that working at the pottery wheel can help improve your concentration and reduce your stress by engaging your sense of touch.

Go Stargazing

Looking up at the night sky can remind you that you’re part of something larger than yourself. Suddenly, all of your worries can feel small and insignificant compared to the sheer size of the universe. Head out to an area where the city lights don’t block the stars, and just look up - you can feel a deep spiritual connection with the universe.

Bake Something Sweet

Baking can relieve your stress and let you escape from the world for a few hours. Plus, you’ll get to indulge in delicious sweets afterwards! Choose a new recipe to bake this weekend, or invite a friend over to enjoy your baked goods together.

Consider Relocating

Relocating can provide significant self-care benefits by offering a fresh start, new surroundings, and the opportunity to break away from old habits or routines that may not have been beneficial. It also gives you the chance to explore new cultures, meet diverse people, and develop resilience, all of which can contribute to your overall mental and emotional well-being. If you’re considering a move, start exploring rental listings to scout out homes and apartments in your price range.

It can take time to come up with a self-care routine that suits your needs and lifestyle. But if you’re open to embracing new activities and rituals, you’ll find ways to relax and let go of stress. With these tips, you’ll be ready to try a home business, spruce up your resume to enhance your career prospects, go stargazing, bake some tasty treats, and much more.


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