July 21, 2018



Several years ago, I was the Chairman of Trustees for Memorial Baptist Church. We were responsible for the maintenance and purchasing decisions for goods and services. Our custodian passed away and … more
Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to Susan Boucher for the wonderful article she wrote about me and my retirement. I really appreciated the time that she took to interview me and to get to know me … more
Being a Progressive is not being a part of a political party or a movement. Being a Progressive is an idea. An idea that demands fairness and equality for all. The advancement of the human … more

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Being a summer baby, I love the warm weather months. I love cookouts and picnics, vacations, and being outside as much as possible. Everyone is in a better mood, and it seems like there are endless … more
I spend a lot of time talking with students about big life decisions they’ll face, and one of the most important is how to pay for college. At a recent speaking event, I asked 100 students … more
Isn’t summer beautiful around here? Even when it gets really hot, it’s still so green out there, and the ocean beckons from not too far away. The soft light lingers long into the evening. With … more

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