October 17, 2019

Twin Oaks Farm Class Of 2019 Kindergarten honors our Heroes


On June 15th, 2019 the Twin Oaks Learning Center Inc. located at 127 Tremont Street, Rehoboth MA conducted the Class of 2019 Kindergarten Graduation. This Learning Center provides great pride in our nation and our armed forces with the great honor on the behalf of all of their children. Twin Oaks Learning Center incorporated holds dear the sacrifices made by the men and women of the military, so that we citizens of the United States take for granted. At 4:30 PM every work day, the Twin Oaks Farm Learning Center Retire the colors with the proper protocol with the signing of the taps, and the proper folding of the flag.

Every day the children make the pledge to remember that their freedom was bought with the blood in the ground from someone they never met.

All this makes them better people, and members of their community. How do you thank someone for their life, there away from the family and love ones? My way (Wanda Hanson) is to teach the respect needed to grow and understand the immediate gift of a soldier’s existence.

We cherish being asked to replace the flags had Steven's Cemetery every year period this enabled the children to learn how to walk in a Cemetery. It shows them how to recognize the graves of our honored soldiers. They now look for the medallions and sign out “Here's another heroes of stone”.

This opportunity also lifts the fears a Cemetery can hold for a child and replaces it with dignity, honor, pride, love and respect.

If there was one word to sum up all those that speak to a Noble character, dedication, honor, selflessness, protection, safety, bravery, accountability, and dignity then that word for it’s branch of service is….
“Soldier” “Sailor” “Marine” “Airmen”

With all our respect and gratitude, Wanda Hanson, and the children of Twin Oaks Farm Learning Center Thank You


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