December 15, 2018

Seekonk Congregational Church Has Something for Everyone in March


Here’s what’s happening at Seekonk Congregational Church this month.
Thursday Lenten Seminars have begun. – All are welcome to attend the Thursday Lenten Seminars at Seekonk Congregation Church, 600 Fall River Avenue, Seekonk, MA in Woodworth Hall. The program starts at 6 PM with a communal meal for all ages - $1 per person. Eat a meal in community together sponsored and prepared by various boards in the church to bring us together. Open to the public, all are welcome and invited to attend. For additional information please call the church office at 508-336-9355.

Here is the remaining schedule:

One March 8th, attendees will choose from three seminars.

Our Mission in Haiti - Guided by Linda Sable, Rev Daehler Hayes and Suzanne Swanson. It’s all about relationships, past, present and future. Calling all who have made the journey over the past 28 years and those who have yet to go! Let’s envision together! Conversations and Questions, sharing and updates on people, places and programs.

Taking Charge of Stress - Leaders are Dr. Jessica Stewart Bien and Kristin Putney. Come to ease the stressed-out, worried places of our lives that cause stress in our bodies and relationships, and most importantly experience and discover what we can do about this.

Legacy Planning - It’s not just for the wealthy!! Lead by Alice Gregory Supinski, Legacy Planning should be an important topic for anyone who owns property and has preferences as to whom, how and when that property is transferred at his or her death. It encompasses the accumulation, conservation and distribution of an estate. You may have heard the expression, "We don't plan to fail; but we fail to plan." That is nowhere truer than in the accumulation, protection, and distribution of our estate. Only 44% of adult Americans have a will, but only about 28% of those wills are up to date. What would happen to your legacy if you ever needed care, at home or in a facility? Who would care for you? And how would you pay for that care? How can I plan to pass along a legacy to a favorite charitable institution and get tax benefits today? These are some of the challenges (and their solutions) that will be discussed.

Two seminars will be offered to choose from on March 15th.

Mindful Parenting
- Leaders will be Mary Catherine Gherardini, Sarah Stevenson, Kristin Putney and members of the Christian Education Committee. Parenthood is not for the faint of heart! It can seem close to impossible to balance you and your child’s needs. School, jobs, extracurricular activities, social media concerns, physical and mental well-being. The list goes on and on. This aids to help parents and caregivers learn simple, quick everyday ways to cope with the stress of parenthood while connecting more deeply with your child and with your faith.

Thinking about Writing Your Faith Story? Lead by Rev. Marilyn Ricci. This Seminar is for all MENTORS of the Confirmands and for all who would like to articulate faith in light of their life journey. Come discover more about God, Jesus Holy Spirit baptism, communion and the basics of our faith... and how you might put your understandings on paper.


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