April 14, 2021

Katie Ferreira-Aubin for School Committee


Hi! My name is Katie Ferreira-Aubin, and most of you know I am running for Dighton-Rehoboth School Committee. I have been very vocal in what I feel students need and have gotten some backlash for it. I understand not everyone is going to agree with my viewpoints. I have and always will want to hear people’s thought and opinions. I may disagree but residents still need a voice. I do believe students should be in school full time and if I could scream that from the moon I would. This being said I am always for a choice for families. During this pandemic if families decide that it is best for their children to be home for whatever reason (that reason is theirs alone and no judgement should be made or asked) then this should be an option.

It has been brought to my attention that I do not debate on Facebook. That is true. I will answer questions when needed and asked directly as best I can. I will not slander, talk down, be aggressive, or keep debating with someone who I understand will not agree with my statements. Questions are to be answered and processed, by each person, not debated to make the other person come to an agreement. We can agree to disagree. That is a fact. That is what I have been advocating for all along a voice and a choice. I hold myself to a high standard personally and professionally. I will not slander, harass, or be anything but professional on social media. Sometimes it is not about being the loudest voice, but the voice of reason when others are unreasonable.

I want to teach my daughter and step-daughter that even when people have different views we are still kind and accepting. We are not trying to change anyone. This is another reason why I am running for School Committee to let students know that if they want to make a change there are channels and ways to go about that productively.

I promise as a School Committee member I will uphold my high standards and do my best to hold the district just as accountable. To get information out directly and efficiently. The public deserves to know what is happening in schools with academics, social emotional learning, and where our tax paying dollars are being spent. I plan to go through the budget with a fine-tooth comb. I think this is one thing we can all agree on: we want to know where the money is going. 

I have a strong belief the teachers union (not teachers) should not be part of how our district runs. They have proven they have misconstrued what is best for everyone by not giving everyone a voice. I also talk about the union on my website please check it out on the question and answer page at www.katiefordrsc.com

There are many reasons why I believe I have earned your vote. The number one reason is I am honest, professional, and will always listen (I am a therapist). I am not a politician and do not pretend to be one. I am running for this public office because I believe things need to change and residents need to be the number one voice in our school district.

Thank you for reading, and please go to my website www.katiefordrsc.com or email me kfaubin@yahoo.com  with any questions or comments.

Katie Ferreira-Aubin


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