May 26, 2019

Re-elect Kathleen (Kathy) Amaral to Rehoboth Parks Commission



My name is Kathleen (Kathy) Amaral and I am once again on the ballot for a five year term for the Rehoboth Parks Commission.

I have been on the Park Commission since 2002. Since that time, the Park Commission has done many exciting things.

I am not an “I” person, I am a “we” person, and our committee, works hand in hand to make Redway Plain and the gazebo a place in Rehoboth that we are very proud of.

I, along with the other Park Commission members have met many times to have a veteran’s memorial placed on Redway Plain, which we did accomplish, and it is a beautiful site as you drive into town on route 44.

I feel very strongly about the open space and the use of the field and the gazebo to be used by the residents of Rehoboth and their families, as long as there is availability.

I have applied for grant money from the Mass. Cultural Council and am happy to say that we received grant money two years in a row to be used toward a concert which is held on Sundays for the month of August and this past year we were able to add two more weeks in September.

The concerts were my desire and with the help of the other members of the Park Commission, we were able to do them.

I have been secretary for the Parks Commission for several years and along with the members we have meetings as we feel is needed.

We get many requests for different events for both the Redway Plain and for the use of the gazebo. I keep the calendar for these events. We do ask for donations.

This year with the help of a donation, we have irrigated the area around the gazebo. Hopefully we will have grass growing there to make it even more beautiful.

Nike court, which is located at the entrance of the town hall, is another parcel of land that falls under the Park Commission.

This was a long procedure to get the septic systems removed properly from the housing that was originally there and to remove the cement pads. Once that was done and the ground leveled off, we have had a pavilion built by the students from the vocational high school. We do have requests for the use of this field for Jr Football practice and for lacrosse practice. During the warmer months, there are people that use one of the cement pads for pickle ball. It seems to be something that grows each year.

Also, our goal is for the area to be used by residents, families, etc., with the approval of the commission.

You may not know this; but martin street baseball complex also falls under the park commission. We have an agreement that the baseball association maintain the fields and the buildings. They do come before us if they feel a need. This is a great area where the youngsters have fun and learn the great sport of baseball, both boys and girls.

Now, I ask you for your support and vote for me on April 1st for another 5 years on this committee.

Thank you, 

Kathleen (Kathy) Amaral


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