March 22, 2019

Championship Game for Rehoboth soccer boys with U8 Team in U10 League


U8 Tidal Wave team did it again…. this time a championship game as the youngest team playing in a U10 league

The local boys soccer team, Tidal Wave, continues its success story. As a U8 team, they made it all the way to the championship in a U10 league.
As there was not enough teams in the 2nd session of the indoor league for the U8 boys, Coach Cedric decided to take the team to the next level and join the U10 league. The first few games they lost, but the team got back to their roots and dug deep into their soul as to why they play - it is nothing else than playing with their heart and continuing to strengthen a friendship born within a Rehoboth neighborhood.
They practiced 3 times a week under very cold, sometimes snowy and windy conditions. As a result, an undenying progress started to show and the team went on a 3 game winning streak and placed 4th in a group of 8 teams, all compiled of older players than the U8 Tidal Wave team.
In the first play-off round they were challenged by the D/R Strikers (Dighton). Then in the semi-finals they had to play the first placed Tier-One Soccer Academy. Even though the Tidal Wave Team was much younger and shorter in height, they managed to send the Academy home and moved on to the championship. Close to a fairy tale story for those young and passionate soccer players from Rehoboth . It will be a memory that last forever… So young, do dedicated, so driven to win.

The Rehoboth Club Team Tidal Wave will host Try-Outs in June 2018 for the U10 league.
Congratulations and compliments to our local heroes as they have represented Rehoboth soccer so well!


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