April 17, 2021

Bishop Feehan High School Honor Roll


Bishop Feehan High School Vice Principal for Academics, Anne Kennedy, is proud to announce the Honor Roll students for the second quarter.
Students from our area are:

First Honors Morgan Arthurs 9 Rehoboth
First Honors Christia Assi 9 Rehoboth
First Honors Sean Callaghan 9 Rehoboth
First Honors Riley D'Alessio 9 Rehoboth
First Honors Elaina Flood 9 Rehoboth
First Honors Sophia Silva 10 Rehoboth
First Honors Una Soliday 10 Rehoboth
First Honors Alexander Cote 11 Rehoboth
First Honors Cormac Masterson 11 Rehoboth
Second Honors Ethan Coyne 9 Rehoboth
Second Honors Juliana Dias 9 Rehoboth
Second Honors Fiona Soliday 9 Rehoboth
Second Honors Alexandria Caito 11 Rehoboth
Second Honors Noah Ferreira 11 Rehoboth
Second Honors Ryan Rebelo 11 Rehoboth
Second Honors Avery Thomas 11 Rehoboth
Third Honors Joshua Cote 9 Rehoboth
Third Honors Malayna Bizier 11 Rehoboth
Third Honors Emma Chapman 11 Rehoboth
Third Honors Samuel DeMoura 11 Rehoboth
Third Honors Faith Abbott 12 Rehoboth
Third Honors Victoria Richardson 12 Rehoboth

First Honors Nicholas Calamar 10 Seekonk
First Honors Emma Leeuwenburgh 10 Seekonk
First Honors Jackson Leonard 12 Seekonk
Second Honors Sophia Custodio 9 Seekonk
Second Honors Anyav Mehta 9 Seekonk
Second Honors Matthew Cunha 10 Seekonk
Second Honors Jonathan Mignacca 10 Seekonk
Second Honors Lydia Nassef 10 Seekonk
Third Honors Brooklynn Devaney 9 Seekonk
Third Honors Benjamin Almeida 10 Seekonk
Third Honors Allel Azzouz 10 Seekonk
Third Honors Grace Borden 12 Seekonk
Third Honors Carlos Botelho, Jr. 12 Seekonk
Third Honors Matthew Garrott 12 Seekonk
Third Honors Amelia Mignacca 12 Seekonk


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