October 22, 2019

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Dates to Remember
Thurs., September 5 – First Day of School

June App Update - from webmd.com
This summer challenge your kids to cut their screen time. Here are some tips for limiting screen time from webmd.com:

1. Don’t give your kids their own tablet or smartphone. “Interact with your children. Do that instead of handing them an electronic device,” says Steven Gortmaker, PhD, professor of the practice of health sociology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

2. Make computers and TVs stay in the shared spaces of your home. When your kids use screens in the kitchen or living room, it’s easier to keep an eye on the shows they watch, the games they play, and the websites they’re on.

3. Add tech-free time to your family’s schedule. “At any age, kids should know there are specific times when screens stay off, like at meals and before bed," Hill says. Even better, set aside time every week when the family does something fun together -- no devices allowed.

4. Watch how often you use your own devices. If you keep your face buried in your phone, your kids won’t see a good reason why they should get off their screens. Plus, those devices affect the time you spend with your children. Researchers who studied families at fast-food restaurants noticed parents were often more focused on their smartphones than on the children at the table.

5. Make limits a regular part of screen use. When the rules are clear and consistent, you can avoid daily battles when you tell the kids it’s time to turn off the TV, computer, or phone.

6. Be ready to explain different screen-time limits. After your kids have watched hours of TV at a friend’s house, they may wonder why your rules are different. “These are opportunities to have conversations with your kids about what your family’s values are,” Anderson says.

7. Help your kids find other ways to have fun. “If a child has nothing to do but stare at a screen, then we should not be surprised when that is what he or she does,” Hill says. Keep other options -- art supplies, books, Frisbees, and bikes -- around and ready when your kids claim there’s nothing else to do.

8. Make tech work for you. Use programs and apps that you can set to turn off computers, tablets, and smartphones after a given amount of time.

9. Adjust screen-time limits as your child gets older. “For middle-schoolers and teens, parents may want to involve them more in the decision-making process,” Hill says. You could talk with them about how much screen time the whole family should get. Once you’ve settled on a plan, stick to it.

10. Consider donating or recycling your old electronics. “Usually households have a lot of devices, and they get left over and moved to other places,” Gortmaker says. “It’s good to do an inventory and see if you just can’t limit the technology.”

Students of the Month
The following students were presented with Student of the Month Certificates for the month of May:

Gr. 8 – Morgan Xavier/Kevin Foley
Gr. 7 –Victoria Landry/Liam Dee
Gr. 6 – Emily Marquis/Nathan Vicente
Gr. 5 – Maggie Kazanjian/Logan Rheaume
Related Arts – Dustee Forster/Matt Thibault

Beckwith Beacon Award
The Beckwith Beacon Award recognizes individuals who are "guiding lights" for our school community. Recipients of the Beckwith Beacon Award model commitment to the learning and well being of our students.

The first recipient of this year's award is a very special individual in our school community. She is dedicated to our students. Her commitment to our kids is exemplified in her classroom and is apparent through the development of her students. This teacher establishes positive relationships by first developing a classroom environment that welcomes all students and addresses the needs of individual students with structure, routines, and seamless transitions. Her lessons are engaging and always include multi-sensory activities that encourage students to be creative and also go out of their comfort zone.

This teacher is an outstanding professional. She is rarely absent, always organized, and is a great communicator. Outside of the classroom, she volunteers to support students in extracurricular activities… the most impressive being the drama production. Her work (all for the students) is admirable. At the most recent chorus concert her students described her as kind, a true reflection of the saying that students may not always remember what you teach them, but never forget how you treat them. I'm sure hundreds of students will never forget her. We are very proud to report that Miss Lynnette Lopez, Beckwith’s music and chorus teacher, was selected as a recipient of the 2019 Beckwith Beacon Award.

We have one more individual that is truly a guiding light in our school community. This individual has had a positive impact on students and staff for close to seven years. She is dedicated to Beckwith and always considers what is best for our students. She has volunteered as a PTSA representative, PTSA vice president, School Council member, extracurricular activities (talent show), podcast guest, and of course, the very exclusive PTSA book club. Always before anything else she considers the well being of our students. She consistently asks how can this help the kids. And when she takes something on, it's hours and hours of her own time. Book fair, ski club, auction, ball drop, haunted hallway, 5K, teacher appreciation, getting guest speakers, etc. This year, her son (former principal of the day), is graduating from grade 8 and from Beckwith. I will now take this opportunity to say our door is always open, but also thank you for everything you have done for our students, our staff, and administration. You have made such a positive impact. We are pleased to announce our second 2019 Beckwith Beacon Award recipient is Mrs. Jenn Moitoso.

The Linda Sousa Unity Award presented at Believers Banquet
The Beckwith Believers Unified Team ended their year with a potluck banquet. The first annual Linda Sousa Unity Award was given to Zoe Morgenweck, Sophia Silva, and Ella Wasylow. Linda was a Special Educator in Rehoboth for nearly 20 years who was loved and admired by colleagues and students alike. She felt very strongly that all students be treated with respect, be accepted, and have access to the same opportunities both in and out of school. Zoe, Sophia, and Ella exemplify Linda’s belief that this respect, acceptance and kindness be nurtured every day at BMS. She would be proud of the entire unified team for their kindness, dedication to cooperation, and team spirit. Special thanks to the Rehoboth PTSA for their donation of a bocce set. Next year, the Beckwith Believers will expand their activities to include bocce, basketball, and track. Thanks for a great year Believers!

Spring Chorus Concert
The annual Beckwith Middle School Spring Chorus Concert was held on June 10. Choral students, under the direction of Ms. Lynnette Lopez and accompanied by Ms. Melissa Grossi, performed an exciting program of music which opened with the 8th Grade Select Choir’s beautiful rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Other memorable selections throughout the night included You've Got a Friend in Me from Pixar's Toy Story, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, This is Me from the 2017 film The Greatest Showman, and a medley of some of Walt Disney's best musical works. Congratulations to all choral students on a wonderful performance!

Beckwith Talent Show
Beckwith's annual talent show was held in our school cafeteria on June 13. Eleven acts competed and it was a tough decision for our panel of judges. Kylie Mirra, Juliana Dias, Evan Cady, Victoria Landry, Mia Mourao, Ashley Carpio, & Melina Cortinheiro, Gavin Xavier, Rowan Whittaker, Caroline Vitale, Julia Mello & Gia Papa, Olivia Blair, Lindsay Daniel, Peyton Auger, Kelsey Palmer, & Kylee Berwick, and Charlie Favali all delighted the audience with their performances. The final results were: 3rd place – Charlie Favali singing his heart out to Better Now by Post Malone. 2nd place – Kylie Mirra belting out an older tune. 1st place – showing us that she is not just an actress Caroline Vitale sang an amazing rendition of Burn from Hamilton. It was a great evening and all the performers should be extremely proud of themselves.

Spring Band Concert
Beckwith’s Spring Band Concert was held on June 6. Under the direction of Mr. Francese, band students performed a variety of selections of different styles music. Some pieces from the concert included Regal March for 5th Grade Band, which was their first advanced piece of the year; Royal Overture for 6th grade featured brass or woodwinds at different sections throughout the piece; and Space Journey for 7th and 8th Grade Combined Band, a composition with three movements that represent the launch, orbit, and return of a spaceship to Earth. Congratulations to all band students on a wonderful performance and an amazing year!

Nurse’s Notes
To parents of 6th grade students: Pursuant to Massachusetts Department of Health regulations students entering 7th grade in the fall for school year 2019-2020 must submit a current physical dated after August 2018 as well as proof of having received the Tdap booster and the 2nd Varicella (Chicken Pox) booster. Without this proper medical documentation, your child will be subject to exclusion from school. Documentation must be sent to the school nurse BEFORE the first day of school. Please reach out to Mrs. Cathy Mondor, RN to let her know when such documentation will be sent in and if your child will be seeing his/her pediatrician over the summer.

Rehoboth Lions Peace Poster Contest
Julia Escobar is the winner of the Peace Poster Contest from the Rehoboth Lions Club. This year’s theme was “Kindness Matters.” Julia’s poster was entered in the Lions’ District 33S competition held in January. The Rehoboth Lions wish the best of everything to Julia and extend many thanks to our art teacher Jennifer Faletra.

Fire Prevention Poster Contest Winner
Grade 6 student Haleigh Kelley won second place for Bristol County in this statewide contest that helps spread the important message of fire safety. Her artwork will be published in next year’s calendar. She was also presented a plaque and $100 prize. The award luncheon honored all students who placed. The group also put on an interesting and informative demonstration about arson dogs trained to detect accelerants that may have been used to start a fire.

STEM Race Car Competition
This year in Mr. Kenny’s 8th grade STEM classes, students studied transportation technology and following the Engineering Design Process they researched, designed, constructed, tested and evaluated dragsters powered by compressed CO2. Their first prototype was done on a styrofoam block that they cut out with a hot-wire cutter; they used an air tunnel with liquid smoke to check the aerodynamics of their design.

Once the design was set, they transferred it onto a block of balsa wood, then they cut, shaped and sanded their dragster. The testing phase included a double elimination tournament in each class as the cars raced against one another until only the fastest one remained. On June 7 the entire 8th grade gathered in the gym bleachers as these nine teams raced once more to become the Beckwith Middle School Dragster Champions. The team of Sabrina Marsella, Morgan Randall and Madelyn Kelly took home the top honors with their car ‘Malachi’ flying down the course at a speed of 25.2 meters per second, or 56.36 miles per hour. Congratulations to all the competitors.

Middle Level Scholar Leaders Chosen to Represent Beckwith Middle School
Eighth graders Angelina Araujo and Andrew DaCruz were recognized on May 30 at the Massachusetts Middle Level Scholar Leader Banquet as the D.L. Beckwith Middle School Scholar Leaders. This prestigious award is given to students from schools throughout New England who demonstrate a commitment to academic excellence and the school community. Angelina and Andrew are positive leaders in the Beckwith school community who model the criteria for student leaders. Angelina and Andrew consistently work hard in and out of the classroom demonstrating dedication to academic content and a strong work ethic. Among peers Angelina and Andrew stand out as positive models of respect, responsibility, and safety. They are kind, considerate, and mature. They are personable students that positively impact the climate and culture of the school building.

Congratulations to Angelina and Andrew for receiving this award and thank you for making Beckwith Middle School a better place.

Beckwith Middle School Presidential Scholars
Eighteen 8th grade students were awarded certificates and pins and were treated to a breakfast by the principal for their commitment to academic excellence and achievement.

Hayden Bessette, Anastasia Bettencourt, Sofia Brown, Andrew DaCruz, Rebecca Davis, Melody Lowe, Sabrina Marsella, Julia McDonough, Una Soliday, Ella Wasylow, and Nathaniel Wheeler were awarded the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence. These students received a final average of A- or better in all subjects throughout their Beckwith careers and earned an advanced score on MCAS.

Emma Bonin, Ella Damon, Madelyn Kelley, Kate Lewandowski, Meaghan O’Connell, Morgan Randall, and Madeline Rossi were awarded the Presidential Award for Academic Achievement. These students received a final average of A- or better in all subjects throughout their Beckwith careers with the exception of one B.

To receive a Presidential Award is an outstanding accomplishment. Congratulations to our students for this achievement!

Congratulations to Our Eighth Graders!
Beckwith Middle School was so happy to celebrate the success, hard work, and growth of our 8th grade students with family, friends, and staff on June 18th at Francis Farm. During the promotion ceremony, eighth grader Marina DePalo led the 8th grade class and audience in the Pledge of Allegiance. Sabrina Marsella delivered a heartfelt address congratulating the 8th graders and reflecting on her experience. Members of the 8th grade chorus, led by Miss Lynnette Lopez, sang "We're All in This Together" from High School Musical for the 8th grade class. Ms. Cathy Edington awarded 8th grader Sabrina Marsella the Williams College Book Award for her outstanding accomplishments. Finally, Caroline Vitale and Kevin Foley received the Anthony Ferreira Citizenship Award for outstanding citizenship and contribution to school culture.

Congratulations to our 8th grade students: Class of 2019 :
Adler Abrahamson, Lindsay Allard, Samuel Almeida, Danielle Amaral, Tiana Andrews, Brody Antepenko, Angelina Araujo, Matthew Arnold, Alyssa Barros, Hayden Bessette, Anastasia Bettencourt, Julia Boivin, Emma Bonin, Autumn Brito, Sofia Brown, Caden Brown, Kaitlin Butler, Evan Cady, Kaylee Cambra, London Coogan, Cassidy Cross, Kalmia Cryan, Andrew Lucas DaCruz, Ella Damon, Aidan Danforth, Cote David, Rebecca Davis, Sierra Davis, Marina DePalo, Franklin Domingos, Lily Douglas, Moriah Doyle, Thomas Dyson, Makenna Estrella, Nicholas Farrell, Kathryn Favali, Aniyah Ferry, Wendy Fitzgerald, Luke Flanagan, Kevin Foley, Dustee Forster, Francis Fournier, Joshua Franco, Alexis Fratus, Emma Garabedian, Aiden Garabedian, McKenna Garcia, Abigail Gilliatt, Bethany Griffin, Madison Hathaway, Faith Hickey, Madelyn Kelley, William Kimmell, Will Kinniburgh, Delaney Kotch, Asher LaBrie, Wesley Lacourse, Noah Landry, Jared LaScola, Kate Lewandowski, Erik Liebegott, James Lingard, Marielle Lobban, Melody Lowe, Lindsey Luthi, Nathan Maiato, Lauren Marcotrigiano, Sabrina Marsella, Brianna Marshall, Grace Martin, Jamileth Martinez, Samantha Martini, Harley McCallops, Julia McDonough, Hailey McGee, Mackenzie Medeiros, Rachel Medeiros, Kyle Mello, Aiden Mendonca, Harold Messenger, Destin Michener, Sadie Miller, Michael Minassian, Kate Moitoso, Kevin Moitoso, Zoe Morgenweck, Jack Morris, Benjamin Murray, Abrahim Mushtaq, Jadyn Narold, Colten Nastar, Lily Nees, Wyatt Nunes, Meaghan O'Connell, Aydin Oliveira, Annaree Our, Alexander Pageau, Dominic Palermo, Amanda Pallotta, Derik Parker, Elijah Pike, Cassidy Pittsley, Olivia Poirier, Emma Pouliot, Aaron Prata, Nathan Pray, Morgan Randall, Sarah Ranley, Abrianna Razza, Kianna Reuter, Holly Richard, Lisa Rickey, Rylee Rodriques, Madeline Rossi, Samantha Santos, Aiden Sarrazin, Jadyn Saunders, Wren Seccareccia, Kyllei Shelton, Sophia Silva, Benjamin Sirois, Abby Smith, Una Soliday, Noah Sousa, Essie Stebbings, Matthew Thibault, Fiona Todd, Emilia Toldo, Benjamin Tran, Haleigh Ulicnik, Thalia Vasquez, Caroline Vitale, Katherine Vitale, Nicholas Ware, Ella Wasylow, Nathaniel Wheeler, John White, Lily Whitehead, Morgan Xavier, and Amber-Lee Young.

Principal’s Message
Dear families,
It has been an amazing year at Beckwith Middle School. Thank you for your support. Your commitment and influence in your children’s education is paramount to their success in life. The following is my address to the 8th grade students from the promotion ceremony. We wish them all the best as they transition to high school.
Have a wonderful summer,
Joe Pirraglia

There’s a stream in the woods near my parents’ house. When I was growing up my friends and I would watch and make sure that it had a strong, even flow. We would remove leaves, branches, and other debris when it would build up. One day, we decided to dam the stream and create a pond. We took wooden planks, mud, sticks, whatever we could and made a pretty solid wall that created a small pond. We had great ideas like buying goldfish for the pond and making a system of bridges. But what we soon realized was that our pond changed the natural landscape of the woods. Areas that once had water no longer did. Certain plants did not grow and the stream bed dried. Why am I telling you this? Growing up my friends and I wanted to make our world better… instead of the world. Sometimes it is hard to recognize the difference. As you continue your educational journey into high school and beyond, you will have opportunities to do both. I challenge you to take a step back and consider will this better my world or better the world? Consider the impact of both. Think back to your time at Beckwith when you went out of your comfort zone to sit with someone who was sitting alone. Or the time when you admitted to your mistake and took the consequence, learned from your action and next time did better. No doubt, considering the benefit of everyone before one’s self is hard. But it is when challenged that we learn the most and become (to steal a line from Mr. Shea) the best version of ourselves. Going forward, seek out the opportunities to make the world better. Even little things like removing debris from a stream rather than adding to it can have a big impact. It has been a pleasure being your principal. I wish you the best of luck in high school and all your future endeavors.


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