October 22, 2018

Rodericks to Seek EP City Council-at-Large Seat

Posted by bobrod72

Bob Rodericks has announced his intention to run for the East Providence City Council-at-Large seat in November, 2018. Current office holder, James Briden, is not seeking re-election. Rodericks is retired and previously worked for the city school department as Truant Officer and Student Registration Director for 30 years.

Rodericks released the following press statement over the past weekend:

"I am announcing my candidacy to seek the East Providence City Council-At-Large seat. With At-Large Councilman James Briden not running for re-election, the opportunity exists for some new candidates to step forward. At a time when the city will be electing its first-ever full time Mayor, our government will be drastically changing. It will be important for an honest and thoughtful check & balance process between a city council and new Mayor. The November 2018 election will be historic for EP and while constructive criticism and healthy debate is okay, petty bickering and frivolous argument is not helpful when conducting the public's business. I have held a keen interest in government and civic pride since my first 8th grade civics course at Central Junior High school (now Martin). Ever since then I have been busy in some capacity with community involvement. I maintain that zeal for East Providence to this day.I know that most of us reject the notion of negative and dishonest politics that we often see. We long for a return to civil, respectful and honest debate by our elected officials. Badgering and special interest agendas are not in the best interest of taxpayers. When used properly, politics can be a good tool to effectively serve the public at large. We need to provide our residents with top notch education, public safety, quality services (streets, recreation, water, etc.) to mention just a few concerns.Prior elected officials, in my opinion, have neglected to properly maintain our city infrastructure. Also, millions of dollars have been sadly spent on employee settlements and legal services for a multitude of lawsuits against our city. This must not continue. Townie Pride has been badly wounded and although it has made a recent comeback, I want to see it fully restored!The best path to good government involves full transparency between elected officials and the people they serve. While I understand that certain confidential matters may need to be discussed in private. All votes of the people's business must occur in public, at legally advertised meetings.East Providence is still a city with excellent and dedicated police, fire, teachers and various other workers, whom strive to serve us well. I know that the majority of residents in EP support good government. I am asking that together we improve the decorum and professionalism of our city government and move EP forward. I am convinced that the young families in our city are ready to step up and lead. Many of you I have known through local sports and schools and other community activities. I am convinced that you are ready to become a new generation of leaders. Combine that spirit with the old-school knowledge of our older residents and we can have a winning combination.I look forward to campaigning after the holiday season and please contact me if you would like to help in this regard. Many important issues lie ahead. I've set up a campaign email address at rodericksforcouncil@gmail.com. I am also on Facebook. I will release a more detailed resume and campaign information after the New Year. Let us simply have no special agendas but let's just do what is right for EP!"Rodericks, 63, lives with his wife, Diane on Plum Road in the city. They have four children and two grandchildren. Rodericks is also a major contributor to this news magazine.


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