August 22, 2019

Thoughts about the "Real ID"


Here are a few things no one told me but I learned after spending 4 1/2 hours at the Department of Motor Vehicle in Cranston to renew my license and get my real ID license, this won’t help me but may help some other poor souls before they decide to take this adventure to the DMV.

1. Forget about going to AAA unless you have your middle name spelled out on your drivers license, Your middle initial Is not good enough.

2. There is another form you have to fill out if you’re going to get a real ID license that is not included in the renewal license form the DMV mail to you, In fact the one that I filled out that was mailed to me was thrown in the trash.

3. A birth certificate from the hospital you was born at even though it has your feet and finger prints on it will not be excepted, you have to have the official one from the State of Rhode Island and it has to be stamped with a raised seal. (Lucky for me I had a back up)

4. If you have a disability parking permit even if you forgot to take it inside with you (they can check your license to verify you have one) you don’t have to stand in the checked in line for two hours waiting to get your number to be called because they have a separate line for that so instead of taking you two hours it takes you two minutes to get your number and not only that I was informed by a young lady that works at the DMV that you will even get a lower number,

5. They have something called a DOT surcharge $12, A technology surcharge $1.50 and you can pay with a credit card but it will cost you an extra $1.50. So make sure you take enough cash with you.

6. There are two water fountains on the second floor that don’t work so bring a water bottle with you.

The DMV is so understaffed it isn’t funny, all the workers I came in contact with were cheerful and courteous, the bathrooms were clean and well stocked, they didn’t have Dunkin’ Donuts coffee but the coffee they had wasn't bad, and the snack bar had a few good choices, It was well lit and the signs directing you where you had to go were easy to follow.

One last thing if you value your life don’t try to sneak in front of anybody, it won’t be a pretty sight.

David Di Saia
East Providence RI


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