July 21, 2018

Michael Elias running for East Providence City Council At-Large


I am Michael Elias and I am now running for East Providence City Council At-Large. Previously I had my sights on the East Providence City Council Ward 2 office. So, what has happened? That is a fair question. My platform and the platform of Anna Sousa, an example is the helping the disabled, mentally ill, and elderly. Also there is another candidate named Joshua Luis Pereira who is running for the council office of Ward Two. For several reasons I do not want to see Pereira get elected. We all know what can happen in 3-way races: Somebody plays spoiler. Look at what happened in the past two Rhode Island Governor races containing three candidates. First we get stuck with Link Chaffee and then if that wasn’t bad enough, which it was, we were then stuck with Gina RaLiar and we’re still stuck with her as a state. Here in the city of East Providence we have the feast at my church, Saint Francis Xavier, every year. I attend annually and this year saw candidate Pereira campaigning. I don’t feel I should have to point out to anybody that campaigning at church, a church event, and church property is wrong and as we all know and should know, the Catholic Church does not endorse candidates for any office. Pereira should be disqualified from the campaign due to these actions. If elected to the office of Council At-Large I will make sure individuals do not get away with disrespect like this any longer. As for my campaign platform for City At-Large, well nothing has changed. I still want to put out my snow removal program for the disabled and elderly which expands on existing programs. Because the assistance of volunteers and good Samaritans are few, it is time to look at those who got in trouble and are facing community service. Their time will be best spent serving those who really need the help, especially at winter with all of the snow. It is an extra miserable point in time for the disabled, mentally ill, and the elderly. This is why any and all help is needed and appreciated. We also have concerns with our roads due to the potholes. In the winter the issues multiply with the piles of snow in the way and the ice is also a problem. There could be a supervisor monitoring these people and recording their time, making sure they shovel the driveway, sidewalk, front door, and side door. Repay your debt by helping others. This is just a part of my platform. I am also looking to help the graffiti problems happening in our community and feel there should be tougher laws against this crime. People need to learn to respect other people's property. This crime deserves severe punishments in order to drive that point home. Right now I am spreading the word around about my campaign. New blood is needed in the East Providence City Council badly. There needs to be somebody in the Council who is not and will not end up being exactly like everybody else within the City Council. If I can answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to ask.
You may contact me at:
Michael Elias for East Providence City Council At-Large
PO Box 14442
East Providence, RI 02914
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/East-Providence-The-City-of-Tomorrow-1777015442629342/

My e-mail is: melias111@cox.net

Thank you, and I hope to have your vote.

Best wishes,
Michael Elias


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