March 22, 2019

Mayor James Briden Seeks "Friendly Lawsuit" to Address 2018 Election Snafu


Mayor James Briden has released a statement on the controversy surrounding the 2018 city council election.

"This is intended to discuss the next step necessary to hopefully resolve the 2 year/4 year term issue concerning the East Providence City Council.

Having some Council members resign this year based on the belief that the current term should only be for 2 years while others remain for 4 years based on a different legal opinion is only a partial remedy. This falls short of achieving the right result.

A complaint needs to be filed in order to get this question into a court and it needs to happen soon. We need rulings on (1) whether there is a 4 year term absent General Assembly ratification and (2) if this is not required, then when does the 4 year term commence.

This will benefit everyone as it will eliminate the cloud of ambiguity. It is known as a “friendly lawsuit” where the parties can bring the suit not as adversaries, but as collaborators for resolving legal questions.

This will allow our city to achieve closure on these most important issues."

James A. Briden
Mayor & At-Large Councilman


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