February 21, 2019

Martin Middle School Friday Focus


We are inevitably our brother’s keeper as we are our brother’s brother. What affects one directly affects us all indirectly. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Family
At Martin Middle School, you have created a family. Family means that no matter what happens that you are in it TOGETHER. It means that no matter how many times you may argue or disagree with your administrators, colleagues, or peers that deep down you still have respect for them and if they need anything, you'll be the first to stand up and help them. It means that you never let them stand alone. It means that you are giving and receiving respect and that there's someone out there who has your back. FAMILY is knowing that there's no place like home, and even if it feels the world has turn its back on you, Martin Middle School is the place you can go and find people who will hold your hands through it all. I have never met the perfect family, and I am not sure if they are out there, but at Martin Middle School I have the opportunity to work with the closest thing out there when it comes to a perfect family and that is YOU!!!

Which Grade Level is the B.O.M.B?
Parent Communication Challenge

At Martin Middle School, B.O.M.B. stands for Breakfast On Mr. Black. Over the past three weeks, I have learned that OUR FAMILY loves a challenge!!! As educators, we are responsible for the learning of OUR KIDS. This is a responsibility the Martin Family doesn’t take lightly. However, we share this obligation with OUR KIDS and OUR FAMILIES. Reaching out to families is one of the most important academic and behavior interventions. Research shows that when teachers and families work together and they are communicating regularly, the result is that student achievement improves. We are in the middle of this challenge over the next two weeks. Every time you communicate with a parent or family member, please add your name and comments on the google doc. The winning grade level team with the highest percentage of Parent Phone Calls will receive BREAKFAST ON MR. BLACK!

Teach with Passion!


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