December 5, 2019

Letter to the editor


As East Providence ushers in a new “Renaissance” it is awesome to see the Arts play a role in shaping our identity. From the Bold Point Concert Venue to The HeArtspot Art Center and Gallery to The Looff Arts Festival to the Watchemocket Sculpture Garden, in addition to the amazing performances put on by our school bands and theater groups as well as their art clubs, EP is really starting to become a home for the Arts. As Chairman of the East Providence Arts Council I have witnessed so many amazing Arts related businesses relocate to or start up here in our great city from fabricators to maker spaces to print shops. And the Arts Council is working towards creating a performing arts/cultural space and more public art in the form of murals and sculptures throughout the city. We have an amazing location on the 195 corridor, next to the capital city with a large undeveloped waterfront. We have an opportunity to use the Arts as a strong economic driver for the city increasing the tax base and hopefully minimizing the impact on our tax rate to pay for our new high school. The Arts generate billions of dollars in America every year and Arts related events often assist other local businesses by attracting customers to the area. Many folks who go to see a show or concert will often want to go to a local restaurant beforehand and for drinks or coffee afterwards. Shops in areas near entertainment venues benefit by more visibility. I am encouraged that East Providence is starting to realize our potential and with everyone working together we can truly make EP a haven for artists and a thriving community for the Arts. It Can Be Done.

Thank You

Rick Lawson


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