June 16, 2024

Haven UMC Music Program Touches Community


Rev. Juhee Lee at Haven United Methodist Church is leading a music school which is multi-cultural, multi-racial, and multi-age, as you can see in a picture taken after the spring concert this year. We had two major benefit concerts: one through Healing Guatemala to support cataract surgery, and another to aid Ukraine refugees. We also had 10 concerts visiting shut-ins' homes and nursing homes from 2021-2022.

Now, the goal is to encourage students who are part of this community project to take an active leadership role. Please, keep it in your prayers.

The music ministry is done in two ways.
1. A Free Music School, through which students have an opportunity to learn music and are healed and nurtured by sharing God’s love. The music school offers lessons (piano, violin, ensemble) free of charge for beginning through intermediate skill levels and are open to all. The Community Music Project is an orchestral ensemble through which students learn and master new skills. By performing for those in need of healing in the local community through various genres of music, students gain self-confidence, improve self-esteem, and grow their interpersonal skills. The fall semester begins in September. Applications are available at www.havenumchurch.com or by contacting havenumchurch@yahoo.com  or 401-438-4911.

2. The Healing Through Music Project reaches out to vulnerable groups in our community, such as nursing homes, addiction support groups, the homeless, shut-ins, and those in the hospital by sharing God’s love through living out the gospel and offering them healing, recovery, empowerment, and hope through music.

Through this project, the hope was that music school students would experience overflowing joy and love through sharing their gifts with others. In fact, that hope was fulfilled. Following are the witnesses of two students, as well as some pictures of all of the students. We invite you to join our Free Music School!

“Before I reflect on my experience in the youth chamber ensemble, I would first like to thank Juhee for providing me with this opportunity and for the work and dedication she pours into the music school program here. When considering community service and the word service in particular, one thinks of giving instead of receiving, but for me, I received the joy of giving back and making others happy which truly is the greatest gift there is. Throughout my ongoing tenure in this program I have had the pleasure of creating music with very talented musicians and performing in front of those who may need something to brighten their days. Furthermore, I have not only learned as a musician, but also as a person. Over the past year, a phrase that circulated was, “Music for healing.” At first I didn’t think much of it, but as time went on I realized that the music we make is a tool and a gift that we have that can really have a positive impact on others. It is our responsibility to use our gifts in these ways that are beneficial to the community around us which is one of my driving motivations as a member of the program. My main takeaway and something I would like to leave you with is this: everyone has the ability to bring joy to others, the question is simply how. Thank you.” Andrew Hobin Song

“For the longest time, I was apprehensive to volunteer at the Haven free music school. But as soon as I started playing in the music school’s chamber group I was hooked. The feeling of making music while having fun and working for a purpose, was a feeling like no other. But before long, a daunting performance loomed around the corner head. I thought I would get extremely nervous when playing in my first performance; but to my amazement, it was nothing but the contrary. For the first time in my life, the music I had enjoyed making was equally enjoyed by those who needed it most. The music I played had more purpose than it ever had. Soon after the performance, more volunteers were needed in order to teach violin to the escalating number of violin students at the free music school. Having more than 5 years of playing under my belt, I decided I would step up to the challenge. To my surprise, teaching came naturally, and before long, I was helping prepare students for their first performance. Volunteering at the Haven Free Music School opened my eyes to the impact that kindness has on others. I will never forget when we drove to the houses and played music for those who had lost loved ones, or have not been able to leave their home due to health issues. I will never forget the gratitude they showed us, and the feeling of going to bed that day, knowing that I was the one who made someone's day. Thanks to Juhee, playing violin for me went from a hobby to a tool to help build a bigger and better community, and I will be forever grateful. Thank you.” Joshua Shin

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