June 26, 2019

Friday Focus


Great things happening at MMS

This week we hosted the Commissioner of Education’s Chief of Staff for a student shadow experience at MMS. As a resident of East Providence and a leader at the Rhode Island Department of Education, this individual has a commitment to our schools and our city. He had a passion to learn more about the student experience at MMS. After his visit, he shared the email below. When everything seems busy and there is so much to do, this email reminds us of the great things happening here.

This email impacts everyone in the building and anyone’s name could be below. Thank you for all of the hard work and your passion for OUR KIDS at MMS!
“Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thank you for letting me shadow (Student Name) at Martin Middle school yesterday! I had an absolute blast, including listening to thriller in Ms. Pimentel's band, learning about slope in Ms. Dugan’s math class, observing a practice RICAS assessment in Mr. Costa’s class (great RICAS form!), reading about Charlotte in Mr. Orrall’s class, researching projects and Neil Diamond with Mr. Eklof, learning about seafloor spreading in Ms. Larghi’s class, and coding away with Mrs. Wetmore. Most importantly – I enjoyed the experience of observing a day in a student’s life through (this student’s) eyes, who is an absolutely exceptional kid. I look forward to voting for her for President in 2044! Thanks again for having me join the Wildcat family for the day, and look forward to being back for the State of Ed event!”

Attacking Chronic Absenteeism

As everyone knows, we are working tirelessly at improving attendance for OUR KIDS. We know when they are here, they are getting the instruction they need to be successful. Here is another success story about one of OUR KIDS and how OUR TEACHERS have made a difference in his life. An 8th grader who had missed a lot of school in his middle school career recently told his mother that he wanted to earn a bracelet for the month of February. He made sure he came to school each day in February including in the snow the last day of the month to achieve that reward. We are proud to report that he made his goal and that his grades are way up in most of his classes. This is because of your efforts and commitment to OUR KIDS at MMS!



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